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    No I AM NOT EVER GOING BACK TO HIM. HE IS AN IDIOT THAT CAN"T READ A CLUE AS WELL AS A difficult child BLIND BAT. I don't care what anyone says or anyone thinks. There is no way I could ever trust him or have faith in him or even like him at this point. I should have listened to my gut feeling- at least someone in that room would have been listening. I am so mad I can't see straight right now. I don't know how I could possibly ever bring myself to go thru this cr*p again in the future.

    Right now, I'm just glad the judge didn't order any specific therapy or person. I guess I'll take difficult child to some quack who's willing to sit there and listen to whatever he wants to talk about until he's tired of it and says difficult child doesn't need it anymore or until the PO is tired of seeing difficult child and me and lets us go.
    I just hope it's not someone like he had last year for individual therapy who told difficult child that a little bit of street drugs wouldn't hurt him, when difficult child expressed temptation to try them, while on probation with a sentencing coming up and while on mood stabilizers. Is there any parent on this board who isn't smarter than that? I doubt it.

    No repsonse necessary- I just needed to belch that out of my gut.
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    :( Sorry. I know you're frustrated. Hope you find someone who can do a better job for you!
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    Thank you- but I don't think I can deal with them anymore. I'll write the check and nod my head. I've already told difficult child that at this point in time, he ought to just be thinking about the PO. I give up on the rest of it. difficult child brought some of this on, but geez, if you already have told a therapist this is waht wil happen XXX and the therapist even says "oh, another parent told me that, too" then wouldn't you think that he wouldn't plunge down that road, while saying to difficult child "this won't happen will it". DUH!