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    difficult child went to see therapist yesterday. It is near my work, so for me to leave work, drive and pick him up, bring him back and then return it is like 80 miles. husband doesn't work on Monday's so I had him meet me half way. Then when he got there I was feeling really sick. difficult child wanted dad to take him. So I gave him directions and went home. husband finally, after two years drove by where I work. He was impressed.

    He talked to therapist. Now I know therapist doesn't do medications. This therapist has a zillion titles, and he is so good with difficult child. He really, really listens to him and difficult child really believes in him. It is a really good fit. therapist also agrees we need a new psychiatrist. But I haven't had the time to call the insurance and get names of others in our area. I keep saying...tomorrow. Anyway, after meeting with difficult child, therapist told husband that it might be a good idea to go to see psychiatrist and ask if there is something, maybe a low dose of something that difficult child can take in the afternoon to help him make it through the day. difficult child says Adderall helps him but he gets SO tired. difficult child is taking 10mg's of extended release. psychiatrist wanted him to take 10mgs for three days and then take 20mgs. That just totally blows difficult child away. He is happy with the 10mgs and doesn't want to take 20. Since therapist suggested this, difficult child really believes in him. Regardless of anyone else...difficult child will do what therapist suggests. He even does the breathing exersizes. therapist did say that wouldn't work until his anxiety is under control. But he needs to do this several times a day.

    Ritalin and difficult child don't get along. Every ritalin medication he has tried had bad reactions. Like jumping off a cliff reaction. Maybe psychiatrist will give a lower dose of adderall, not extended release. psychiatrist seems bent on giving difficult child Strattera. He says it will work for anxiety and adhd. Nobody I know agrees with that. Maybe for adhd - but not the Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). difficult child doesn't want to take it. He is happy with the adderall. He has been taking Lexapro now for about three weeks. Half a pill. So 5mg's. He seems happier, but I haven't asked how he is feeling regarding being outside his body. Last time I asked he said it was the same.

    I didn't get to talk at all to difficult child about his appointment. I will today. He isn't always willing to discuss it and that's ok.

    Wish this therapist was closer. And at one point I was told that they would be point of contact if difficult child was bad. If difficult child had his phone number, or even his email, I KNOW he would call him if he was off the edge.

    Maybe today I'll mention the word "homework". We'll see how it goes.
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    I'm so happy to hear that things are progressing well. Our therapist of choice was 100 miles round trip. We went twice a week and would go again in an instant. We also clicked with this man and did so for about 6 years.

    Strattera did nothing for Dude. Adderal helped a little, but I do remember the XR not being as good for him at that time as the regular medications - and if difficult child is doing well on 10mg - tell him it's his choice and leave him on it until things aren't then suggest again a higher dose. He sounds like he's really coming around. :D You must be delighted!

    Even sounds like hubby is pitching in and helping :D - I'm sure that's a load off your mind. Bravo husband-!

    Glad to see you smiling a bit - it really looks good on you and your posts aren't so anxiety ridden. VERY VERY GOOD JOB, I know you have worked extra hard on this. You should be very proud of you. I am.

    p[s hope you feel better
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    Isn't it wonderful to be able to say, "He seems happier"? That is so nice to hear about your difficult child. He needs good days - happy moments.

    I hope they can come up with a solution to the medications. If he is so tired on Adderall already, increasing it doesn't make sense. Maybe decreasing and more dosages? Like 5 mg twice a day instead of 10 mg once a day? Maybe the extended release is what is not working for him? I don't know - I shouldn't give advice on medications so don't give it too much credit - just a brainstorm thought from someone who doesn't have a clue about the different medications.

    Our therapist and psychiatrist are 60 miles away. We went to therapist once a week for about one year and now 2 times per month. therapist gave us the name of psychiatrist and they work well as a team. I was so impressed when psychiatrist's nurse called me on Friday to say psychiatrist had reviewed therapist's notes from Wednesday's visit and was recommending a change in medications. When we were dealing with pediatrician doctor, I would have to call pediatrician doctor office with concerns (even though he also had access to therapist notes). One less thing for me to do.

    Are you feeling better now? What are you doing to keep yourself healthy?
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    I'm so glad he is feeling better! I wish the therapist was closer, sometimes it is definitely worth the trip for a good therapist!
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    I hope you find a new psychiatrist who difficult child likes as well. That would be awesome. I'm glad he likes therapist and listens to him.