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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by crazymama30, Oct 29, 2008.

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    difficult child has his first therapy appointment today. He does not even know yet, he gets so upset about having to go to appts(he hates them) that I don't tell him till I have to. Otherwise all I will hear is how "stupid and gay" they are. Then I have to work to not get set off myself, and it is just too hard.

    difficult child has been kinda off the wall the last few days. He is hyper, always making noises with his mouth, always moving, and speaks very loud. ADHD or hypo? It is so hard to tell. I am moving towards ADHD, as it is worse in the morning before his patch kicks in, and is worse later at night when the patch is out of his system. It used to be we had a 2-3 hr window after school where he was nice to be around, but that is getting shorter and shorter. He is back to arguing so much that I send him to his room. He just will not quit.

    I hope therapy goes ok today, this is not the best day to start.
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    I used to have the same issue with difficult child. About the time the hormones started kicking in and I started hearing from difficult child that I didn't understand anything because I'm his Mom, I asked him if he wanted to talk to a man. So, he was willing to go to an individual therapist who was a male so they could have "guy talk" that I could never possibly understand. Of course, I filled the therapist in first.

    Good luck!!
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    This therapist is a woman. We tried therapy with psychiatrist, but it was not consistent enough. I work for the local hospital, so I get a discount at their behavioral health dept. 1/2 off copay. Plus it is in the town I live in and not 1/2 hr away. This therapist was recomended by psychiatrist, so it seemed like a win win situation.

    I had an appointment with her last week, and I really like her. We will see how difficult child feels. I did like the fact that she said she was "looking forward to meeting him" meaning difficult child. That was nice, and she really seemed to mean it. difficult child is just in such a mood this morning. I was trying to go to the bathroom, and he was on the otherside of the door, lying on the floor with a pen barrel that he had turned into a spitball shooter pointed under the door. He never shot it, but I sure bellowed at him.
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    The constant mouth noises remind me of autistic spectrum disorder, which can look a lot like ADHD. Has anyone ever evaluated him, like a neuropsychologist? Did he have any early speech/developmental delays, even if he has caught up?
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    Well, the therapist and I got our wires crossed, and there was no appointment today. I cancelled next weeks appointment due to a conflict, but she had in her book that todays was cancelled. So in 2 weeks we will go. It was really kinda comical, difficult child was so happy that there was no appointment. He yelled, "cool" and ran out the door. I had to stop him to pick up the toys he had been playing with.