Therapy today for difficult child 1

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Liahona, Mar 4, 2013.

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    Well today I talked to difficult child 1 about his plan to run away to x's house (with therapist there). difficult child acted shocked that his brother would think that. Then he said "I hate my mom I'd never want to leave." I think he meant to say love. I'm thinking he is made to say that he hates me at x's house. And when you already can't tell what is real and emotionally are 3 that kind of brainwashing works well. But besides the slip of the tongue he wouldn't say anything else bad about x.

    After therapy he was really testing his boundaries. His job is dishes every night. He is good at dishes and its a job I don't have to constantly watch him - normally. With therapist there right before therapist was going back into his office difficult child 1 asked what he could do when we got home. I said dishes (no big surprise. He had asked me this in the car on the way to therapist and got the same answer.) "NO!" Throw himself on the floor ranting that he is not going to do dishes. Gave everyone in the lobby a good show. Then therapist goes back into his office and I try to leave. difficult child 1 refuses to get up. I tell him "well you'll be hungry." Then I leave. It takes me awhile to buckle Cherub in her seat and difficult child 1 watches me from the building. As I'm getting in the car I'm calling the secretary so she'll know what I'm doing and to not pay him lots of attention. I start the car and he comes running. Shocked that I would actually leave him. I ask him "you are 13 years old what was I supposed to do? I can't pick you up." He didn't have an answer. But we had to go over again all the consequences that would happen if he didn't do dishes.

    And no the dishes aren't done yet.
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    Oops, the responses are gone. R u ok?
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    Yes, I'm fine. We got a computer for the family Tuesday night and difficult child 1 has been on his best behavior. Dishes done really well in less than an hour, very nice to everyone in the family, ect... Funny thing is there isn't much on the computer yet. It can't do internet or the games he really wants, but he is being super good anyway.

    Thanks for asking.