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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Mar 28, 2008.

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    I had my first mother-daughter session with Kanga since she has been home. The main focus of the talk was boys. (of course, Kanga got to pick). We touched very briefly on her adoption and her anger about it, but she quickly steered us back to boys.

    On the good side, she made eye contact twice! That is huge for her. She still can't talk and look at me at the same time, but she was able to make eye contact for a few seconds twice while the therapist was talking.

    She made a very interesting comment at one point. She said that she met a child at the hospital whose birthparents did their work and got him back at 13. She expressed wanting to meet her birthmother but being scared that her birthfather (violent, abusive) would show up. She was also worried that her birthmother would "smell and have pimples".

    She wouldn't let us follow up on those comments, so they'll have to be addressed next time. I can't tell if a magical return of birthmom is what she is hoping for or what she is scared of????

    She had told one of the tdocs that she was glad I've stuck around as she was expecting me to give up on her long ago.

    So, overall a good session. It has renewed my energy to keep fighting for her!

    The littles and I are leaving about noon for my mom's so I won't be poosting after noon until Monday morning (but I will be reading all of your posts) have a great weekend.
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    I am glad your energy to fight for her has been renewed, that is amazing. It is wonderful that there were some positve outcomes from the therapy visit. I hope there are more in your future.
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    Both -

    She's both scared and angry.

    Do you think maybe somewhere in your neighborhood there is a place where adopted kids can get together and talk and feel each other out?

    Maybe an on line community?

    Maybe a Mentor that was adopted and can guide her like a big sister/brother?

    Just thoughts.

    Congrats on the break through.

    (roots for Kanga all the time)
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    Glad she was making a bit of eye contact with you. Lets keep praying and hoping that she'll keep making steps in the right direction.
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    I'm in awe of the strength that you're showing through all of the trials and tribulations you've had to deal with to try and find the right help for Kanga.

    I'm happy to see glimmers of hope in your therapy sessions, and very glad to hear that they have renewed your strength.

    Saying prayers, rattling beads and crossing everything that the glimmer keeps on growing and she continues to make progress, and a coat of polish for your Warrior Mom armour.

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    I'm glad she had a good session and you feel your energy renewed. You are such an amazing warrior mom.
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    Baby steps are important too.

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    You are a true inspiration to me.....holding it together after all is said & done. Having a therapist appointment with kanga so quickly after all the emergencies & such.

    The simplest of things .... our child making eye contact can lift our spirits beyond anything else imaginable. I hope & pray that positives, even simple & small positives continue.

    I pray that your family can be under one rool again soon. That an appropriate placement can be found for kanga - even short term.