There is certain allure in gfgdom - feeling like a naughty teenager

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    I tend to deny being a part of my difficult child lineage but at times it gets little difficult. I found little bit of my inner difficult child again yesterday and can't say I would be sorry. This may be too much information for some, but wanted to share this piece of levity after whining about my marriage here before.

    We started marriage counselling recently and to get a jump-start we took part to weekend marriage camp. Both counselling and camp is arranged by our church but it is not religious. Also many atheists and people from other religions use this services. During the camp there was two times we had to choose between religious and non-religious class. We are not atheists and topic of religious class sounded more interesting so last night we took that one. It however was not it was told to be. A speaker was not part of mainstream of our church but in fact had quite marginal views. Also the tone was quite preaching and he was also annoying.

    However we didn't feel like making a scene and walking out (especially when the door was next to the speaker and we were in the church building.) So we did copy one of our difficult child's finest school escapes and were able to get ourselves behind the curtains at the back without anyone noticing and escaped through the window. However it was -10 F and we didn't have our jackets and no transportation back to camp central. So we sneaked back to the building and hid into the rest room. At this point we were feeling like naughty teenagers and having just too much fun so somehow we ended up having some... ahem... private moments in that rest room. Can't remember when was the last time we have had so much fun!

    At the night in our room even husband laughed how angry we would be if our sons would do something like that. How irresponsible, how lack of respect etc. we would say that would show. ;)

    Also other than that weekend was very good. While we were not fond of the tone of that one class and told it to camp leader later, otherwise it was an excellent camp. We got a lot to think about and had few very good talks about matters. Much of it was group work and we didn't feel comfortable talking about our difficult child's matters in those so we didn't really touch our marital troubles related to him, and those of course are the sorest spots in our marriage, but we did talk a lot about other things and that was good too. The camp has two parts, next one is at may and we had to choose some goals to work on before that. We chose rekindling the fun into our relationship as a main goal. There are others and we do know we have some very tough conversations ahead of us during the marital counselling, but this camp helped us see that we still have to build on our strengths, not weaknesses and it is just as important to take care of those things that keep us together than tackle the biggest problems we have.

    PS. husband wants to let you know that this was all my fault. He was a good and well mannered boy before he met me. Then again I have to mention that in my opinion it is not my fault he didn't have any adventurous streak and was a dull boy before he met me. :bigsmile:
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    Hilarious! Sounds like something I would do if I could actually fit out a
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    Lol, SuZir, sounds like the marriage counselling camp was a success!
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    LOL very cute! ;) Also reminds me of the movie I watched recently "Hope Springs". Good movie with Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones, Steve Carrell, Elizabeth Shue, and Mimi Rogers as far as notable Actors/Actress' in it. I also found recently and older movie same name. Not sure if it's same. It was on Encore. Going to find it and watch to compare.
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    I just watched that movie, too. I thought it was great!!

    Sounds like camp was a fun success!! ;-)
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    Sounds like you and husband had an exciting evening. I'm sure that was better for your marrige than any lecture.
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    Sounds like you got a head start on the rest of the campers! LOL good job!
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    Thanks for the the way, I'm glad you rebelled a little, you hurt noone and had, ahem, fun!
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    I love your story, it is so easy to see the two of you sneaking around like teenagers. We ALL need more fun, that's especially true for those of us here..............thanks for the big smile, you two are doing great!!!!
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    Haha! Great story!
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    Way To Go! Fingers crossed that mother in law doesn't hear about it. LOL :bigsmile:
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    HolyMoly! :highvoltage::faint: Didn't even think about that! Let's make a deal: None of you tells her about this. Okay? :please:

    I mean, there are few perfectly nice and decent people (some who i love dearly) around there, who love that lady. It would sadden them a lot, if she would suffocate to death on her own indignation.
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    Awesome and adorable!