There is hope....


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Hi Everyone,

Ok So I have retired from my job! Yay. Without going into a whole lot of detail in my job I sometimesI got to know women who were also drug addicts. So a couple of days ago I got a call from someone who I had worked with a lot in the past who was a recovering heroin addict. I hadnt heard from her in a couple of years and the last time I heard from her I knew she was relapsing.... I wondered what had happened to her and thought she might have died. But no in fact a couple of years ago after that relapse she went into treatment, did DBT and has been sober for 2 years and is doing really really well. I am just thrilled she is doing so well and has come a long long way. Talking to her was inspirational and gave me hope for all of our kids!



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Thanks for a positive story!! I'm happy for her! And I still believe my son will be a success story too! He's doing great at the time will tell.