There just aren't words for this teacher

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mstang67chic, Apr 22, 2009.

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    Ok, so a child still having accidents at age 5 is unusual.............. not unheard of though.

    But what this teacher did was disgusting. I'd have walked it in and opened the bag and dumped it on her desk and demand she proved it was my child's.

    But then I've been known to be a class A *itch when the situation calls for it.
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    Wong on so many levels. I can somewhat understand the moment of breakdown as a parent or a teacher, but planning that....NOOOOO. Too wrong.

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    Accidents are NOT unusual at age 5, esp for boys for some reason. EVERY kdg teacher I have known has said it is no big deal.

    I think this is just cruel and abusive, and I think Daisy is right in going in to smash it on her desk.

    How horrible. The note, sending the feces home, it all says she planned this ahead. I won't buy it as "spur of the moment". No way.

    I would want my child in another classroom also. I would want an injunction keeping her 500 feet from my child!
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    First, the teacher should be suspended. There is no excuse for handling the situation like this.

    Second, it is unusual for a 5 year old to be doing this. I was a kindergarten teacher for most of the 34 years that I taught and in all that time I only had one child who dirtied his pants. I did have a few who did the other but even that was unusual.

    Whether it is unusual or not is beside the point: her response was inappropriate.
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    That woman has no business teaching, let alone being in kindergarten.
  8. I am the aunt to a 7 year old suffering from [ame=""]Encopresis[/ame]. He is in treatment, but accidents occur. He has to do his private thing 5 times every day to stress his system to function and in his school they have a code word at a certain hour so he doesn't have to embarrassed himself. He has special permission to leave class without a pass.

    If the school wants it to work, they can make it work.

    The teacher should be fired.
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    A close friend of mine found little 'packages' being left for her around her home, whenever her young daughter had a certain friend over for a play date. The little girl (aged about 7) would leave her calling card in the bathroom bin (like, why not flush it?); in the dirty clothes hamper in the laundry (she hadn't put any of her clothes there, just the lump of poo); in pot plants; behind cupboards; on the floor in various parts of the house.
    My friend tried to talk to the little girl's mother, but the parents were in total denial and just couldn't take the info on board.

    So my friend simply stopped having the girl over for play dates.

    There's not much left of your school year. I suspect this teacher just snapped, had too much to cope with. I've seen some pretty major 'snaps' at the end of the school year, from staff and kids alike.

    However, I do agree - this was going a bit too far. Fair enough, tell the parents that the boy left a package for her, but unless the teacher has been trying to get the message through to these parents all year and they're just not listening - I can't understand why she would send home "Exhibit A". Because really, it doens't prove anything. A parent in denial that it's THEIR child leaving packages, is not going to beleive that the evidence came from their child. How many other kids in that class?

    It sounds to me like that teacher desperately needs counselling.

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    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member have pot plants in your house? LOL.
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    Perhaps this teacher should be teaching at a higher grade level if she's so offended by a 5 year old having an occasional accident. What a dope.

    I'm sure there is more to this story. I just feel so bad for that little boy. The shame and embarrassment alone. My God.