There's been a manhunt going on here

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  1. Shari

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    for the past couple days. A local man is accused of killing 3 people, and leaving a 4th for dead in response to being charged with theft. The people killed had stored equipment for him, supposedly not knowing it was stolen (he operated an excavation business) and authorities felt he was operating with a "hit list" of witnesses.

    They just apprehended him.

    He is 23 years old. He lived near a lake with his fiance and kid. A few hours before the killings, he was helping his grandpa clean up an old fence. Grandpa loaned his car to the suspect to take home that night, since he was coming back the next day to help finish up the cleanup. That's the last time grandpa saw him.

    I know the victim's families are reeling from their losses, but the pain in grandpa's interview and statements to police is equally heartwrenching. And I think about that poor little child, who will likely be ostracized by grown-ups and chlidren alike, because of something a member of his family is accused of doing.

    I never thought I could identify with a person who was capable of actions like these. And never really gave their families much thought at all.

    I do now.

    Please pray for them all.
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    I watched a documentary the other day on the children of killers. It was heartwarming to see the success stories - prayers sent their way....
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    My heart breaks for the grandpa - I have seen what he is going through when a good friend of mine had a 13 yr old son who killed a toddler. His devestation was so so deep - just destroyed him and his family. It was over a year before I saw him start to relax and see some joy in life.

    We hear about these horrid crimes but never hear about the affects on the criminal's family members - the deep deep heartache knowing your child or spouse could/would do something like this and then the accussations that some try to find a way to make it your fault.

    I will pray for all the family members of the 23 year old and his victim.
  4. Hound dog

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    This family is in my prayers as well as the family of the victims. :(
  5. Star*

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    Prayers said. For you too - this can be hard on everyone in a small town.
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    wow how sad that is. when you hear tales like this you just shake your head and say how, why?? prayers ofcourse to those people. so sorry that's horrible. poor kid is right.