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    I worked in kindergarten yesterday... a rather hectic day as they were celebrating Veteran's Day. The children finished up their American flags and decorated patriotic newspaper hats. The teacher read a story about Veteran's Day. And one of the little guys piped up "My grandpa was in the Navy and he died. I'm going to ask my mom and dad to take me where he's buried so I can leave my flag and hat there." :crying:

    Then, a few minutes later, all 8 kindergarten classrooms took over the school by having a very patriotic Veteran's Day parade. They marched and sang out "Your a Grand Old Flag" to all the other classrooms.

    All in all, it was a very moving day. Happy Veteran's Day. And thank you to those men and women that serve our nations so selflessly. :proudamerican:
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    Aw, perfect! In Canada I think today is "Remembrance Day", same sentiment. I hope today's up and coming parents impart to their children the importance of these very special holidays...or the memories and meaning will be lost.

    Happy Veteran's Day, thanks.
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    The last Veteran's Day before husband died, we had our usual block party. We had a MR girl on our block who was in her thirties. She functioned on about the four year old level and had very limited speech.

    She attached herself to husband as soon as we moved in. For some reason husband could understand her speech where I couldn't, plus he taught her some sign language as well.

    Shortly before that Veteran's Day, husband gave the girl two of his old uniforms, one set of desert battle dress, and one set of dress greens.

    We were stunned when she lead the usual kids' bike parade in full Class A's complete with garrison cap and black shoes!

    Hers was one of the only families that didn't buy into the rumors that husband had to have had AIDs due to the weight loss, coughing, bruising, etc. Many famillies wouldn't let their kids near him despite the fact that husband was one heckuva lot more likely to catch something lethal from a kid than the other way around. (he was actually under orders to avoid children as much as possible as his immune system was basically gone)

    I still remember to this day watching husband break down when he saw the "parade marshall" leading a train of tricked out bicycles.

    I wonder to this day what happened to this woman. Her parents were older back then and she'd been raised by them. I don't know if she had any alternative family care in place. I suspect she wound up in some sort of institution, but I hope not.
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    Great stories, TM and Going North.