There's hope!


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Today for the 1st time, difficult child went to the grocery store with-me and loaded all the groceries in the trunk by himself with-o my asking him! Wow! (Anyone else who sees this would think it's no big deal but you all know what milestones these things are.)
Also, easy child has a nasty staph infection on her leg which is antibiotic resistant (MRSA--and we have no idea how she got it but it looks like she won't be able to finish out the summer as a lifeguard) and we went out to lunch after her follow-up dr. appointment. difficult child helped her with-her crutches and was very gentle with-her. We gave her some pain pills (poor thing ... the doctors always squeeze the infection to drain it and it's SO painful!) and she fell asleep in the car with-her head in difficult child's lap. He smiled all the way home and thought it was very amusing.

As usual, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, but I'm reveling in good mojo in the meantime.

Oh, and please rattle a few beads for easy child ... we're still waiting for the culture to come back from the lab.



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These are the moments we difficult child moms live for....

Saying health chants for your daughter, sounds really icky.....


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Wow! What a great day!! Enjoy each moment! Hang on to those positives as long as you can. It's so nice to see then our difficult child's actually show their controlled, helpful, loving sides (especailly towards a sibling!).

I'm rattling my beads......


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Great, as for easy child's MRSA, they now have found community acquired MRSA, it used to be just found in the hospitals. I hope she gets over it ok. let's hope that difficult child continues to do well.


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He is only 10!!! I was expecting to see 15 or older with this post! Way To Go difficult child!!! Those are hopeful things for sure!


Sending positive vibes to easy child for a speedy recovery.



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That's fantastic!!!! Thrilled for your good moments!!! There's nothing like seeing the angels we know are in there.

Keep us posted on your Daughter and here's hopes all is well very soon!


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The culture test came back positive for MRSA. She will have to quit her lifeguard job early. :frown:
I can see improvement, though. The swelling has gone down, so instead of a huge red welt area, it's just a small lump about the size of a silver dollar. We go back tomorrow to drain it again. Arrrgh.

difficult child is at the beach all day with-husband. Yaaaaaaaay!