"There's so much drama and yelling there, Mom. I'm not used to it!


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I mean, when we get together, everybody gets along."

This is from Jumper, talking about her ex...or not ex. Not sure.

At any rate, thought I'd at least share with Cedar and others who know I've had a really reflective time about my FOO lately. Words to make my heart sing. Since I've been married to my current, there has been little to no drama, screaming, yelling, demeaning, dysfunction in the lives of my children and even with my first husband, we get along really well. Bart comments on that a lot and he's glad.

No matter what kind of disaster has gone in my FOO, the cycle broke completely for Sonic and Jumper (plus after the divorce, there has been no real drama for Bart or Princess either). Jumper is actually shocked when she sees this big family fighting with each other. They are very nice people, but there has been a divorce and everyone took a side and when somebody does something "bad" there are tons of relatives to whisper about it...

So glad the drama is gone in my life. I remember it, but it's not real anymore.

This is where I really see that it's not me and never was. It was my FOO. Even my first marriage wasn't as nutty as FOO.

Things to be grateful for...no matter where we are in life's journey, it is good to remember the good things we have. Lately, I've been forgetting. Never forget gratitude.

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Words to make my heart sing.

My heart is singing too, with yours.



Gratitude can change ordinary thing into something infinitely precious. Just through paying attention, it seems like. Here is a morning story: I was the first one awake. Then, it was just me and the dog. So, we were lying there looking out the window, and what do we see but a whole flock of the tiniest birds. At first, I thought they were humming birds, they were so tiny. I know D H is awake too ~ but I also know he is not into sharing early morning miracles, like me. So I whisper, "I know you're awake." D H opens his eyes, and we have a good morning conversation for a minute and then, because D H is falling asleep again, I say, very cool: "Asta la vista, baby!"

"...what?" D H says. I say it again. "Asta la vista, baby!"


It was pretty funny. I will need to work on my Arnold imitation. (Arnold Swarzenegger does that line in one of his movies. "Asta la vista, baby." It was quite cool, when Arnold said it.)