These are the symptoms, what do you think???

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    another member suggested I try this approach, I've tried diagnosing my daughter 4 doctor's have, and now i'm working on scheduling yet another complete i'm going to list the symptoms and if anyone sees anything i'm missing i'd love to know, or have any ideas.......

    sleep issues - hard time falling asleep due to anxiety level about following day. some nights (when not on medications') will be wide awake until 2 or 3 in the morning. hard to get her up the next day but once you do she's good to go for day as far as alertness level is concerned. here's where it gets weird. i saw a pattern for while she'd be up 3 nights in row not all night but def pushing it then crash 4th and 5th. also did alot of crying before bed about everything. seems like right before bed is when it all comes out.

    wet bed for years as well i think that may of been anxiety.

    anxiety - extreme; in school all day long (yet it is new school), at night before bed about next day. almost all the time except weekends if there' s no pressure. is afraid to be left in car with sister even if just for a second (id' never do anything unsafe), lots of stuff can't remember it all.

    paranoid - believes taht everyone is always looking at her and pointing and talking about her. self conscious.

    social interaction - her social interaction is and has been for years seriously lacking. she's had few close friends takes while to form friendships but it does happen in small setting not large school setting. yet family has noticed for yeras a certain disconnect in her.

    not affectionate child - can walk into room with tons of family will approach no one. doesn't like to be hugged except for mom and dad.

    sensory issues - she doesn't like dirt on her feet; hands is fine. doesn't like the way stuff feels on her feet; ie. after shower will freak standing in tub or once gets out special towel on flr. wont' stand on tile or on rug. then doens't like to walk on carpet after shower most days stands on bed to dry off and get dressed.

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) - or at least what i think to be Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). she obsesses about stuff bigtime. lost a worry doll in group one day (anxiety group) she goes to and she started obsessing then started talking about emergency school procedures. she circles her sheet at night. circular motion. i asked why she said she doesn't know makes her feel better, she she she circles until the circle gets "dirty' then she starts a new one. she's not a ritual hand washer or anything and her face is always dirty. checks cups for dirt/germs at times, expiration dates are big for her. likes to close car door with me at same time everytime we get in truck. (can't think of all the behaviors but you get the idea).

    hyper - was hyper until medication's, she's been on medications for so long i honestly forgot how hyper she could be. used to be so bad she couldnt' sit through movie without doing something to keep herself engaged.

    emotionally immature at least to me she's going to be 9 yet she's still such a little girl for 9.

    emotionally unstable the moods at times nothing too severe except the crying at night.

    very clingy and very needy - spending a day with her is tiring to be honest. she is always needing for something isn't independent at all. tried to get her to take a class somewhere dance thing wouldnt' go i'm going to try cheerleading thing this spring for her.

    violent she got violent with our old dog a few times people tell me that's bad. also verbally abusive to her sister. would sit in bed before any medications and rip lauren apart while lauren would try to get ready without lauren provoking her. some days lauren would leave in tears for school.

    she's also sensitive to stuff. not light but vacuum radio auditory sensitivity ears tested she's good. is easily distracted by noises outside.

    teacher told me as of late seems depressed very withdrawn (yet think that's medications) and social interaction lack of ability to handle herself.

    k i think that's it. ok you guys are great so i'm anxious to hear your thoughts. thank you thank you as always


    P.S, im not going to tell you the many diagnosis only because i want to see what you guys come up with..... :)
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    We can't diagnose. What kind of professionals have seen her and what kind of evaluation is she having now? Has she ever seen a developmental pediatrician or a neuropsychologist or a Psychiatrist (with the MD?). I personally like neuropsychologist exams. You can find NeuroPsychs at University and Children's hospitals. I find these evaluations to be hours long and far more thorough than other types. in my opinion, I"d want to look into autistic spectrum disorder--at least make sure the professional is aware of what high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) looks like. If so, she badly needs school/community interventions (social skills and life skill classes, possible Occupational Therapist (OT) and PT). Almost all spectrum kids look like they have ADHD, but that's not the core issue. Best to leave no stone unturned regarding our kids.
    Do you have psychiatric or neurological problems on either side of the family tree? Those are often passed along. Any substance abuse?
    You may want to do a signature, like the one I've done below.
    Welcome to the board. Others will come along.
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    no i've been here for a week or so you've actually given me some great advice. i lost my signature when the website was updated, yours isn't there either. anyway i was joking with the diagnose thing. i know no one can diagnose but another member gave me the idea and maybe someone can give me tips is all.

    anyway thanks.

    yup she's going to be getting a neuropysch. testing done now. debating partial hospitalization still looking for hospitals.
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    Jessica, do you have a long wait to see the neuropsychologist? I ask because if it turns out she's on the Spectrum, she doesn't really need psychiatric help--her problem would be neurological. If you have a long wait, however, for your own sanity and so that people can look at her closely, it's not a bad idea. It's all so confusing, isn't it? It was so hard to figure out my complicated son.
    I'm glad you're here. I love the name Jessica. My daughter in law is named Jessica and she's going to be giving me my first grandchild :)
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    How old is she?
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    i love the name jessica too but it's jen.. would of picked jessica had i been given choice though.....LOL......

    it is hard to figure them out it truly is. i was really trying to get a hospital to do the complete evaluation in one place, yet none i've contacted take my insurance strictly cash which i can't afford went through that last year. so right now i'm working on hospitals and have put two calls into neuropyshc.

    she was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) originally. took her to best Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) guy around ofcourse he didn't take insurance. then moved on to anxiety biolfeedback machines guy to help her no go there, then few dr.s later and more evaluatoins, questionairres reg. neurologist and final diagnosis was bi polar and anxiety disorder.

    def.need the neuro guy. seems like she;s got it all, right? it's weird.


    oh she'll be 9 nxt. mos.
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    oh and congrats on the grandchild. :)
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    You definitely need a neuropsychologist to evaluate her, in my opinion. She exhibits many of the same things I've seen with my daughter.

    Look into NonVerbal Learning Disorder (NVLD)...a good website is

    Also check into childbrain for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) at

    This is informational only, of course. I'm a firm believer, though, in being as educated as possible. The above sites list a lot of symptoms and of course your child doesn't need to match all of them to have those disorders, but when I found stuff that clicked, I just knew it. When you come across information and it's like it was written about your know what I man.

    And read up on anxiety. Severe anxiety can cause all kinds of things such as memory issues, other cognitive deficits, etc. It's nasty. Poor things.

    With understanding and the right interventions/tools it does get better, I promise. My daughter will never be 'normal', but she will be as good as she can be if I have anything to say about it.

    If it helps you any, the hardest time with my daughter was from the ages of about 8 til about 11/12.

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    Hi! I really think MWM hit on it. As you know, we can't diagnose anything on here (except for each other when we're convinced that we're going "completely MAD!!!"! lol

    My 9 yr old son has so many of the issues that you've described and he's got aspergers syndrome. All the sensory stuff feeds the anxiety and makes him mean. My 7 yr old has it and is the most happy go lucky knucklehead on the planet! Go figure. Hense the reason no one here can "diagnose!".

    I'd hit the neuropsychologist and feel them out. It could give you TONS of information!

    Good luck! We're rooting for you!

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    good morning,

    thank you for the input i do appreciate it. i was kinda kidding with the let's diagnose her thing i'm sorry sometimes my sense of humor can be a bit ummm.....dry, worped??? LOL....

    i did though want to list her symptoms and see what others see. the school pysch didn't feel it was an autism thing, yet who knows at this point.

    she is so very needy. also i cant tell her we're doing anything ahead of time if i do she gets all worked up. i personally feel that for a child going on 9 she is truly immature. i'm getting scared now to be honest because i feel like she's getting older and a period could even hit in a year. she wouldnt' be able to handle that, i got mine early.

    like this morning, and every morning on weekends she used to get up put the tv on, etc. now she's afraid to make a move on her own. she comes into my rm and wakes me up every half hour starting fairly early till i finally get up. then functions downstairs once i'm up. the anger seems to be getting worse also or oppositional behavior.

    anyway ok i;m going to look that stuff up and see what i get. i'm thinking at tihs point if i cna' tfind a place to partially hospitalize to evaluation. maybe i'll just get the neuro pysch testing outside a hospital done.

    thanks and hugs to all. i've been here maybe two weeks now and i'Tourette's Syndrome helped so much

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    Jennifer, everyone's right that we can't diagnosis over the internet. From everything you've described, your daughter has significant anxiety. Anxiety can accompany many childhood disorders, including but not limited to Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), bipolar disorder and unipolar depression. I have three children with significant anxiety and no autistic spectrum disorders, and the way they present is completely different from each other. My oldest has a bipolar-like mood disorder with depression, mania, sensory issues and tics. My middle daughter has a mood disorder with significant depression and no mania. My youngest has an anxiety disorder with an eating disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) tendencies. It has taken skilled professionals (psychiatrists in our case) to figure out exactly what's going on with our kids and then treat them appropriately with medication and psychotherapy. The one benefit we've had is that our kids see their psychiatrists weekly so diagnostic and treatment decisions are based on clinical observations rather than quickie evaluations that yield inaccurate information.

    I agree with the need for further evaluation either with a neuropsychologist, a developmental pediatrician or a multidisciplinary team at a children's or university teaching hospital. Good luck with finding the appropriate services in your area.
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    Hi Jennifer,

    Have you tried ellimating all food dyes and additives? My girls (3) are on the Feingold diet and are completly different people. They have a lot of the same issues (aniexty, agression, crying jags etc) when they eat things they shouldn't.

    Good luck and take care of yourself!
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    i've tried removing the dyes, sugars, etc. and no medication's and biofeedback machines so that she can realize what it is she does. nothings' worked or at least not for a long enough period of time.

    i'm going to work on starting tmrw. again finding a place to get her fully evaluated.

    thanks to all
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    My son has every single one of those symptoms and he has Asperger's Syndrome. I would suggest contacting the Childhood Development department of your local children's hospital for testing.