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    Yikes! I mean I am so excited! I really am but my house is not as excited as I am. Lots of cleaning due tomorrow. I found the bathroom earlier this week - it is now Spic and Span (Yep, I used Spic and Span spray on all the surfaces). Tonight I started on the kitchen. Conversation with Diva:

    A: Your Aunt and Uncle are coming on Sunday!

    D: You have got to be kidding!

    A: Nope! They are coming for the graduation. Will be here just for the day! I would like you and boyfriend to be at the church for the service.

    D: Aunt and Uncle will not go to church!

    A: They are planning on meeting us there to watch husband give difficult child his 6th graduation certificate. Think about it! It is husband and difficult child both. Aunt is husband's sister.

    D: I don't know if I am ready to introduce boyfriend to family.

    A: Oh give me a break - he is a friend of yours, just bring him. We will grill out afterwards.

    D: I thought we would go out to eat. Who all is coming?

    A: No, we will grill out. I don't know who all is coming and I need you to help me. Can you come up with a salad and get me the list of ingredients needed so I can shop tomorrow?

    D: I will come up with the salad and you can take boyfriend and me shopping. I will get him to help. (boyfriend went to school to be a chef - don't think he graduated but does enjoy cooking - made broccoli cheese soup the other night - we don't care if diva stops liking him, he is staying!)

    A: O.K. Do you have any cash?

    D: Ummm Why?

    A: I need dishwashing machine soap.

    D: I will not be home until very late.

    A: Then you can start the machine. (now there is a novel idea! Mom does not have to be awake when the detergent gets here and the dishes will be clean before morning - how is that for time management?)

    D: Oh! (with a "WOW that makes sense" attitude) If I remember!

    So, I need to deep clean living room, dining room, and kitchen tomorrow. Any one want to come help? Conversation with Diva sounds more promising than it usually does but not for sure. I hope she atleast remembers to bring home the cleaning powder or I will have to go out in the morning.

    If I leave a note for her to put away the clean dishes in the rack do you think it will get done? I doubt it! I am pushing the limits for the detergent and salad. But notice she is getting someone else to do the salad for her! Diva is still Diva.
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    Glad they are coming. :D

    Although I don't envy you the cleaning. I'm still attempting to squeeze in some time for just reg cleaning and am finding it nearly impossible. (and it's driving me nuts)

    Sounds promising with Diva. Hopefully she'll help without a major case of forgetitis. Or maybe she'll want to make a good impression. (one can hope lol)

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    hang tough kiddo :tongue:

    OIC you are not on the board so you may be sleeping in late to compensate for being the hostest with the mostest.
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    I did survive! WOW! Better than I thought - After the stress of dealing with husband during cleaning -

    Diva did bring home the detergent (hasn't even asked to be reimbursed). However, I woke up when she was home and she caught me heading to the bathroom so didn't start the dishwasher.

    On Saturday, I deep cleaned 1/2 of the dining room before my sister arrived. I took neighbor girl, the kids, and my sister to lunch and then to bowling. I came home and cleaned for another hour. husband spent his time working on areas that no one would even consider going (like deep in the basement and his office) then vacummed while I was home for one hour (why could he not have vacuumed while I was gone? Got in my way and complained, "Where is that other stuff going?" I told him not to worry about it).

    My sister was really overwhelmed at the amount of work I still had to do but there was nothing I could ask her to help with. The neighbor offered to help but the only thing available would have been dishes and washing the kitchen floor. I told her if I had allowed her that task she would never talk to me again.

    I took difficult child and neighbor girl swimming after the hour of cleaning. I then spent until late in the night finishing the dining room and kitchen.

    In the morning, husband asked "What will you do with the entry way?" I told him it will stay as it is unless he wanted to take stuff to the garage. I cleaned the hall way to the bathroom and he cleaned the entry way and straightened up the living room and vacuumed as I went to Sunday School.

    My sister's comment on Sunday, "Wow! Amazing what can be done in 12 hours!" Yep, I am a good hard worker when I get going.

    It was a beautiful day! Perfect for entertaining outside. Diva did not get to church but did bring boyfriend over for the meal. Everyone likes him.

    That night we had board games with the kids. That was way fun. Neighbor girl went home at 9:00 and difficult child went to bed about the same time. Diva's friend K had come over and Diva, K, Diva's boyfriend, and I played "Things" and just sat and talked to way late. I offered K a Baileys and had one with her (still have the individual bottles from Christmas). Diva is too young and I am sure her boyfriend is old enough but I did not offer him any.

    Diva brought a friend's 18 month daughter over and K brought her puppy. My sister had to leave. She could not handle the chaos and noise. I also was at my wits end with those dogs. They wouldn't settle down and the 18 month old could not sit and play with the dogs trying to play with her. It was a little overwhelming for me but I held my tongue (only told everyone to settle down once - I think every single mouth was yapping at that moment and noone was listening to anyone else) and enjoyed the fun.

    I am so tired today and can not think so have not been on the board much. difficult child is bored after such a busy weekend but I am too tired to move much. He needs to figure out how to entertain himself without Mom's involvement. I did make him a balanced supper so am not totally neglectful tonight (and he has shelter and clothes so I am good to go until the next meal time).
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    P.S. Diva and her boyfriend did not help with the salad. Guess boyfriend only does main entrees. So I made a taco salad which Diva said was "amazing"!

    We couldn't find steaks affordable to purchased hamburgers. sister in law and brother in law brought steaks so we had hamburger, steaks, brats. The food was NOT ready when I got home from church (had a meeting and thought the meal should be ready by that time) so I actually had the salad ready before the meat was!