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    to a haunted woods tonight. I had to be walked out. easy child begged me to leave it. She looked at me and said mom I think you are going to have a heart attack and I don't want to do CPR on you tonight. So one of the creepy people walked me back out. I was the first of the evening that couldn't make it. easy child and my neice walked it though. My neice's fiance is one of the guys in it. So a bunch of his friends were giving us extra scarey version and I was not handling it well. I was just standing there crying and didn't want to go but wanted to because I felt like such a wus. Ah well. The last time I went through one was 12 years ago right after my dad had died and I freaked out that time. Guess I might not be able to do them again. Evidentally easy child laughed most of the way through it. Not sure what that says for her. She wants to help them next year with it. Scarey thought.

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    That really hoovers for you. I'm sorry you had such a hard time with it.

    Tell easy child though....if she ever wants to enjoy a haunted house again...DO NOT WORK ONE! It takes the fun out of it. After working one, you walk through others looking at things wondering how to rig that up at your haunted house or wondering how much that costume costs. It's just not scary anymore.
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    Oh, I am so sorry! I also can not handle haunted anything - never had been able to. I don't understand how being afraid is so much fun?

    Your easy child probably laughed because she was seeing how things are set up instead of the effect they were suppose to have - like seeing the magician's secret - the trick is then not so astoundashing. She saw the work put into the art and probably was feeling how clever it was.