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    Nothing is ever the same from week to week.
    Per Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)'s advise, I took V to the eye doctor. I did not ask for the numbers, but his vision is bad enough that he needs to wear glasses everyday, all the time except for free play outside. He is farsighted and the doctor explained that it could most definitly account for his visual-spacial issues, letter recognition, writing, drawing difficulty and probably extreme mental fatigue at the end of school day. Did his vision get that bad in 9 month (since last eye exam) or it flew under the radar? The doctor wants to bet for the second option. The other doctor who had seen V last summer left, so we'll never really know. I want to take him back in 6 or 7 months again, just in case it is indeed deteriorating this fast.
    So glasses were ordered and my wallet feels a lot lighter! But I think it is good news. For once, we have an easy fix.
    The down: V has to make progress in the next 2 speech session, otherwise insurance will not pay anymore. No progress=no service. It is ridiculous... no matter how you look at it.
    Oh well... I obviously can't control everything and everyone. I strangely feel at peace. Am I reaching some kind of zen state of mind? Or just accept my poor condition of little hamster:hamwheelsmilf:
    I just thought I would share! I officially belong to the club of warrior mom gowing a thick skin! :)
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    Great news on the glasses... not that we rejoice in poor vision, but... getting rid of a major energy drain is definitely positive.

    Given that the eye doctor says some of V's challenges with Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) has to do with vision... can he write something for insurance that says this? That it will take more time because the vision problem was hampering his work with the Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)?
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    Just a question: Why do YOU have to pay for these services? Why isn't he getting this help in school for free? That is how all the kids I know get speech HAS to be provided by the school district.

    If one of my children had such a quick eye deterioration, I would be concerned. Did he see an ophamologist or an optometrist? My husband had a very strong two year eyesight decline and it turned out to be a serious genetic problem that needs surgery. Otherwise, one of the two who checked his eyesight missed the boat.

    I would not trust an optometrist by the way. If you have not done it yet, take him to an ophamologist. It was two optometrists that missed my husband's eye problems...and time WAS a factor.

    Good luck!