Things are gonna get irritable around glad you dont live here

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    First: Billy arrived home in a pretty bad mood. Im taking it that things didnt go well with girlfriend. He was also *itching about the new gun proposals which I think sound fine and he went off on me calling me a "liberal media listener who cant think for herself" as he stormed out of my room. LOL.

    I got in touch with Time Warner today to talk to them about my plan and all that stuff. I took out whole house and am considering removing cable completely from Billy's room completely because he can watch cable using his computer. With TW, you can watch cable on any android, Ipad or easy child in your home. The only thing he wouldnt be able to do is dvr. The only issue is it doesnt have BBC on the playlist for some odd reason and that is one of his favorite channels. He is threatening to only give me 125 a month if I get rid of his cable. He claims that the only reason we got cable was for BBC. HUH?

    Oh is he gonna be upset when I spring it on him that not only is he NOT going to be losing his cable box but he is gonna have to pay me more! Oh, I guess he can keep his box but he will have to pay for

    Now for the last worse part of my day....Buck got kicked out of his apartment and has to come back here for 'a couple of days. Lovely. I give.
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    Maybe Cory can give them both lessons on how to behave properly. And charge them for it!
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    Oh no- not Buck. Anything but Buck.
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  5. DammitJanet

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    I dont know what I did in my past life to deserve this but it must have been bad. I hope I come back in my next life as something better.
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    I want to come back as a bear. Never have to shave my legs, sleep all winter, give birth in my sleep to tiny little babies, kick them out when I'm ready, and my mate expects me to be grumpy and frumpy. Yeah, I want to be a bear.
  7. Hopeless

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    Not Buck....hugs Janet.

    Hazoi - a bear sounds like a great thing to come back as all positive things in my book LOL
  8. DammitJanet

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    How in hells bells do you get kicked out of a run down rooming house that is basically a crack house? All is required is you pay the rent and he made more than enough to pay that each week...well more. His weekly rent was 115 and he made 11 bucks an hour and had the ability to work over 40 hours a week. The work was there if he would go. There were days he didnt go though...his fault. However, he always had the church to go to and they always paid for him because he is so pitiful doncha know.
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    Can you wear a great disguise and when Buck comes by, fake a heavy accent and say, "Oh, dey move. Not here."

  10. hearts and roses

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    Oh good god, not Buck!!! Wanna come north for a little respite? It's cold but you'd get your own room, right across from the bathroom...which could be a blessing or a curse, depending on your needs. I am so sorry.
  11. Hound dog

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    Oh for the love of all that is holy, how in the hell is Tony NOT waking up to Buck's behavior?? :faint:

    Now make certain Mr B gets bedded down on the FLOOR or some other totally uncomfortable place. NO bed. NO couch if you can help it. And most certainly NO room that you'll have to move heaven and earth to get him out of later.:kickedoutsmile:

    The only way Mr B got evicted is for non payment of rent. Now I'm sorry but I'd have a major issue with that and then some, since there is NO reason for the man not to have paid his rent except he just didn't feel like it.

    Holy Moly. If Katie pulled such a stunt I'd close the door in her face. Seriously. No joke. Kids or no kids.

    And ya know he timed it so you couldn't say no cuz you just let other "family" move in Cory and the baby. omg That "man" had better hope he never crosses my path, cuz I'll light into him like nothing he's ever dealt with before.

    Just one day, you need to get nose to nose with him and tell him this for me, "Buck, it's a stereotype. You're not supposed to try to live up to it." ARGH!!! He'll know what I am talking about. Makes me wanna go down there and beat the snot outta him. :sissyfight:
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    Oh he knows exactly what he is doing. I am absolutely sure about it this time. I looked at Tony last night and held up 3 fingers and said..Now its been 3. At first he looked a bit puzzled but it didnt take him more than 10 seconds to realize what I was talking about. His reply was "hey 3 out of 30 aint bad!" This is the third time he has given me Buck for my birthday! Literally the third time Buck has moved into our house either ON my birthday or on the eve of my birthday. I wounder how Tony would feel if I got him a bikini wax for his birthday?

    I told Tony he owes me big time now and I want big time payback. I want at least a 4 night trip to NYC. He completely hates the idea. He terrified of the big bad city. I dont care. I am a displaced NYer at heart. I have been twice and nothing makes my heart sing like being in that place. I would move there in a minute even if I had to live in public housing and be content. He thinks I am nuts. I think he is nuts for wanting to stay here and watch corn grow.


    Oh, and it seems that Tony has waffled on me with Billy and the rent so I cant even stand up on that. Now we are going to push the fact that he is now going to have to go up to 180 to help cover the costs of the cable since he doesnt want to get rid of his box but that is it. No asking him to pitch in more or helping to pitch in for more help around the house because we have tried that for so many years and it hasnt worked. When I suggested that if he paid the bit more to 230 we could afford to have someone in to help he blew me off on the old thing of we could do it ourselves if we would just do it. Oh and the reasoning is Billy is aspie. Argh. I asked him if that meant Billy had to live with us forever? He sort of side stepped that question and asked if Billy wasnt supposed to get a settlement at some point. I said yes but what good is that going to do if he isnt prepared to live on his own and budget for rent? I am going to have to be the one to push that.
  13. LittleDudesMom

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    OMG, so now you have Tony, Billy, Cory AND Buck as housemates??????? Don't know how you do it.......

    Sending strength vibes through the net {{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}}

  14. DammitJanet

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    Oh, and I told Buck he really seemed to time this move perfectly because if Cory had still been here, he wouldnt have been able to move back here. He looked rather startled. He said well dont you have the other room too. I said that room is a storage room and we havent cleaned it out in years. He said well I could clean it out. I said oh no, you wouldnt. If Cory was here, the inn would have been full.

    Then he made a comment about how Mandy took Cory back huh. Tony and I remarked that it wasnt Mandy taking him back but him deciding to take the baby and go back to her. Buck made this comment about Cory having this wonderful perfect life. I turned on him and practically had foam coming out of my mouth. Cory does not have a perfect life. He struggles constantly with birth defects, he can hardly keep a job, he has a girlfriend who couldnt be faithful if you glued her to the house, he hasnt seen one of his daughters for almost 8 months, he is constantly in trouble. Exactly how is that a perfect life?

    Bucks response...well he has kids and a girlfriend who loves him. I never had kids. I said Buck that is your fault. You had choices along the way to grow up and become a self sufficient adult long ago who didnt have to rely on everyone else. You chose not to. You chose to be basically a homeless bum. Dont envy your family. Especially the ones who are disabled.
  15. buddy

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    A couple of days? if he was willing to clean out the store room he's thinking long term! and since Billy is as pie, HE needs to see the budget. He needs to see the whole cost of things, what one third of everything is and what a deal he has. keep cable separate and show one third of what you want plus the extra for what he wants. He probably has no idea what a deal you're offering after seeing that. Tony be darned, this is for Billy' s sake! He needs it as much as you do.

    don't forget water, trash, laundry........
  16. DammitJanet

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    I dont get all this stuff at all. Tony says Buck is going to TN to work. I said, well doesnt that mean he has to come back here from time to time? I mean they dont just move to another state when they work out of town!

    Tony tried desperately for months to get him save up enough to move into this little trailer across from Tony's boss. Its a tiny little place, maybe one bedroom, one bath with a little kitchen living room combo. Probably 10 x 55 total. Old as the hills but the owner has taken care of it and it cooks and heats with gas and the only electric is your lights and AC. Its small enough that a fairly small AC unit would cool it. The rent on this little trailer was going to be 170 a month. The biggest issue was he was going to have to save up 325 to get his electric turned on. That shouldnt have been that difficult a problem if one WANTS to do something for ones self. You just have to be willing to do things for yourself. Of course we know he isnt.

    Every time Tony brought it up Buck would just grunt. The stupidest comment he made was "well I guess I would be living around people I live around." What in the world does that mean? Doesnt everyone live around people they live around? I think he is back using but he is using something that wont show up on the drug tests they give him at the doctor's office once a month. He knows when he is going which means he could be using meth or coke because that doesnt stay in the body long. Or he could be using that synthetic pot which doesnt show up in the blood.

    Last night he came in and sat on his fat ass and waited for Tony to make him something to eat and wouldnt even start to unload the truck by himself. Tony actually looked over at him and said..I guess you arent going to unload that truck without me huh? Buck said well you know I am disabled and cant lift all that stuff by myself. Argh. he hasnt worked in two weeks, Tony had been up since 4 am and it was now 9. Buck couldnt even lift a few boxes by himself?
  17. AnnieO

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    Janet... I truly wish Cory and Mickey were still there. I'd rather see them there than Buck. OMG. I'm praying like crazy because you do NOT deserve this!!!
  18. TerryJ2

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    Oh dear.
    I'm so sorry. Especially on your birthday.
  19. hearts and roses

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    I don't think he's using....I think his brain is fried and wet from years of abuse. Add that to his original level of ignorance and, well, there you go!!
  20. DaisyFace

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    Well, budget or sounds like a bad time to start keeping cash in envelopes around the house if Buck is going to be there.

    What is Tony thinking letting him come back???