Things Going Surprisingly Well


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DS has been a member of our household for about one month. And things are going better than I could have possibly predicted.

Mind you, there is plenty of room for improvement. He is holding down a part time job, which is a positive. He is also SUPPOSED to be completing his high school diploma as a condition of living with us. His progress is slow. He only invests his energy in what interests him. Formal schooling, even if non-traditional, does not interest him.

W is insistent that he receive the diploma and I do not disagree. Without this much, he won't be able to earn much more than minimum wage.

If he is not done with the diploma by the holidays, we told him he will have to enroll in traditional school once again. We will see what happens if push comes to shove on this issue. I have told W time and again that he should explore Job Corps. If he fails to graduate HS while living with us, perhaps she will agree. Right now she does not.

His court case is now fully adjudicated and he escaped with probation and some restrictions which he feels are unfair. Probation will hopefully help keep him on a more positive track.

He is substance free as far as we know. We have not drug tested him, though we probably should. He has managed to hold the same part time job for a few months now. He seems to like it.

He has been considerate, polite, and loving to both W and me. He has displayed the ability to tolerate frustration, discomfort and annoyance without becoming violent. It appears his trials have helped him to mature. I hope this is indeed the case.

He is not allowed to contact either F or YS. And unfortunately, the news on YS is not good. Two years after his near-fatal suicide attempt it is obvious he has brain damage. His memory is terrible and his impulse control nearly non-existent.

With F's knowledge and consent he has dropped out of high school - this was his senior year.

Given his neurological as well as physical impairments, he will likely qualify for SSDI and it appears this is the direction his life is going at present.

More updates as I have them.


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Have you thought about a GED? I don't think it matters how you get your diploma and employers don't ask to see them. I don't know that, from what you say, he will ever really go to school nicely and it might put him around troublemakers.

Just a thought.

Glad things are going well so far.
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Wonderful news!

I am so very sorry about YS. That has to hurt his momma. Hopefully he will get he help he needs.

I hope things continue on this path for you. It's so wonderful when we are "pleasantly surprised" isn't it??


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So happy that you are experiencing a win! You sound guardedly optimistic and that is a good feeling!!