Things our pets have taught us.

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    I could use some help because I'm pretty grief-stricken about losing my cat last month (it's really been hitting me the last few days). Maybe we could share some of the wonderful things our pets/fur babies have taught us or brought to our lives.

    The biggest thing they have done for me is give me unconditional love. I've lost count of the times they've been there to comfort me when we're having problems with Duckie. They've helped me feel lovable again.
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    TM, I lost my cat (Harley..she was 16) almost two years ago, and the thing I miss most is that she used to lick the tears off of my face when I cried.

    Now, I have two very loving rat terriers, but they don't do that. They are my buddies like I have never had before, but they aren't my kittie.

    I don't think that your pets have to do anything but love you, which they all do. All of the "teaching" comes from their little snuggles. You get it pretty quick!

    by the way, I still cry over Harley from time to time. (HUGS)
  3. Fran

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    Honeysue is always in my heart. I think of her still. I love the other 3 but I always think about them in relation to HS. She was so gentle but brave. Stoic is a good word.
    I would never have believed how big of a hole it left when HS left me. I was never a crazy dog person but now I am and I'm proud of it.
    The nurses sent me HS paw print in clay after she died. It's right where I can see it every day. It gives me some comfort.

    My profile signature tells you about my puppies.
  4. witzend

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    Bubba taught me how to relax and let someone show me that they love me.
  5. Hound dog

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    Holly our little 2nd basset hound. She was blonde and white and one of the sweetest things on 4 feet. But she was pretty small for a basset, even a female. She always knew when one of us wasn't feeling well.......and would cuddle to make us feel better. Only time this became an issue was with my kidneys because having a 50 plus pound dog in your lap with kidney pain.....omg. But I learned to endure it because she loved me soooooo much she just had to make me feel better or else she'd sit at my feet and cry pitifully. She positively adored the kids and had no issue at all with Travis' too rough handling, she sensed he was special and just went with the flow. And I can still recall her always napping with Nichole (ages 4-7) on the couch........too darn cute.

    Next would be Rowdy. He's loyal to a fault. Never barks unless it's necessary. And patiently waits to be loved.....which these days isn't very often because there are no kids at home anymore. When we got hit by that truck, because he was hit as well, he ran home for help. Rowdy has never received any formal type training, so that was pretty amazing.

    Molly though is on the top of the list. She was sort of named after Holly because their personalities are very similar. Brave enough to run off many intruders, yet gentle and loving enough to lay with a baby on the floor to watch over it. She as adopted a bunny, a lizard, a guinea pig, hamsters, frogs, kittens, puppies, a snapping turtle......not the field mice though they were over the top and she tried to swallow it. lol Growing up she's been Nichole's constant companion. They've played soccer, frizbee, sledded together, made snow forts together, fished together (and yes Molly catches fish lol). Honestly, I'm not really sure Molly knows she's a dog.:tongue:

    Oh and can't forget Bruce the cat. lol He always has to be with me no matter what I'm doing. Even now he's perched on the back of my computer chair. lol

    But the overall thing is the total unconditional love and affection. They're always thrilled to see us if it's been days or 15 mins. Now where else can you find that type of utter adoration.:D

  6. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I never used to like cats. Growing up I had a dog and various other critters, but due to my brother's severe allergy, cats were off the list. Then I met husband and he adopted a bunch of strays when we first got married. We kept two from a feral cat's litter that were born on our porch. They grew on me. A few years after we moved to this house, we lost them both to coyotes, the last one when difficult child 1 was a toddler. Fast forward several years and we adopted a kitten from a shelter when easy child was 5. Then a year later, we took in another kitten that an acquaintence couldn't keep. That kitty Harley has morphed into my shadow. He follows me everywhere. And yesterday, when I was recovering from my colonoscopy, he laid by my side the entire day. husband would call him to come downstairs but he wouldn't budge from his spot next to me while I was sleeping all afternoon. He greets me in the morning. He follows me downstairs and "talks" to me. He greets me at the door when I come home, "talking" to me all the while. He's not my cat, I'm his human! :bigsmile:
  7. SRL

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    1) The free orphan kitten you found in the back yard and found a permanent home for may have ideas of his own about where he wants to live.

    2) It's hard to be mad at a 6 week old free kitten who wakes you up at 4AM with his paws on your chin, purring because he's happy he found you.

    3) It's also hard to be mad at a kitten who wakes you up at 4am because he's brought you freshly killed socks and undies up from the laundry room.

    4) You don't always know what's best for you. For example, when you tell your allergist to omit cat serum from your allergy injections because you'll NEVER have a cat, several years down the road when the free kitten you found a permanent home for becomes a bona fide member of the family, you might wind up happy to hear she ignored your instructions and included it anyway.

    5) When the free kitten grows into a 19 pound cat and walks across your chest to get closer to you at 4am, it. doesn't. feel. good.

    6) There's no such thing as a "free" kitten.

    7) I've learned to be less judgmental when it comes to pet ownership. I have a cat that I know few people would be happy with. He's out of a feral mamma and despite lots of loving he simply has a naturally feisty temperament. When he was a kitten he attacked everything that moved, plus a lot of things that didn' spots on the wall which turned into holes in the drywall. He hisses at appliance repairmen and growls at Grandma and acts like a feral animal at the vet's office (who by the way he once bit). He doesn't do laps and only likes to be petted briefly, where and when he wants it. He could really care less about anyone else in the house other than me, and if I'm gone spends his time sleeping except when he wants food and then he goes looking for a volunteer. I'm constantly reading about people who have pets who respond to their feelings and do things like comfort them, but mine is oblivious. I think being a difficult child parent must have paved the way for being a difficult child pet owner because I mostly shrug that all off. I like his spirit and I like the fact that he's social (follows me around all day) and equally like the fact that he isn't in my face because of my allergies. Back when we got him if I had actually been looking for a cat I never would have chosen one with this temperament, but I'd happily choose one of this temperament now, especially knowing that they'd be less desirable for most people who are adopting.

    8) Did I mention there's no such thing as a "free" kitten?
  8. AnnieO

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    Thorin - the cat I fed grape juice from my bottle when I was a toddler. He drank it, snuggled and I'm guessing he didn't know he was a cat, either. When I was 9, he was hit by a car on Good Friday and I swore he would be back on Sunday. Tortor taught me that you can put up with some pretty weird stuff if you love someone.

    Tick Tock - my first cat that was MINE. She had very short teeth, so she didn't chew her food very well, and as a result we had a lot of mess to clean up. But - I trimmed her fur and her whiskers as a kid... She was 16 when she passed. And she taught me that sometimes you have to clean up icky messes, but it's worth it.

    Rainbow - the Samoyed I got when I was 9 - thought she was a kitty (ha, ha). Afraid of fireworks and thunderstorms - she got caught in the cat door the last July we were in Texas. And I learned that no matter how scared you are, sometimes you have to be calm to calm down others.

    Gator, Cinders and Tut (Mom & Dad's kitties)... Have taught me that there's always someone smaller than you that needs to be cared for.

    Weasel - that 6 AM awakenings for breakfast are a PITA, but they're made up for by snuggles and a purring lullaby at night.

    Possum - that things are not always what they seem, and to keep a close eye on anything even slightly out of the ordinary.

    Squirrel - That there is such a thing as too much fur on an animal, but when you get rid of it you expose the baby animal underneath.

    Bubbles - that IQ doesn't matter. Love does.
  9. klmno

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    SRL, that was great! You should write one of thoese "feel good" books!
  10. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    I am not a cat person. Even to this day I'm not really a cat person. Yet since living in this house the past 6-7 yrs, I've had many many cats. First there was Shadow......the scrawny kitten Nichole discovered some mean kids at the high school torturing and talked a teacher into hiding in their classroom until she could bring it home and find it a good home. Shadow found a great, despite all my protests and efforts to find her a different home. I was not happy. But she was a good cat, not overly affectionate due to starting life out ferral, but good anyway. Then because Shadow was "lonely" came Willie from the pound. Too young to be adopted (only 4 wks at best) but we took him anyway because all their other cats were sick and they were afraid he'd catch it. Willie grew into a huge Tom Cat.......yet would climb into my lap at any chance and suck on my ear lobe. lmao Shadow and Willie seemed to draw the stray Henry to us. Henry was an older cat.....guess someone threw him out or he got lost. Henry just seemed to assume that I would feed him too and parked his fanny on my front porch. Very sweet cat he was. Hmmm, then among all the strays......because by this time someone had told all the strays that I'm a huge svcker lol......came Honey the beautiful cat who just reeked with love.....and who I bawled my eyes out when she got hit by a car and made husband bury her. (this cat had never even been in my home) And Skinny Minnie and her brother Mr Underfoot who have been our outside strays for 2 yrs now who never fail to show up, will let us pet them although they won't let anyone else near them......and who catch mice in gratitude for their daily food and the dog house shelter on the porch. And Cassie the stray kitten Nichole found and brought home, Figaro the other stray kitten she rescued from neighbors who were severely abusing her......and of course Bruce who Darrin brought me and said please Nana *sniff sniff* he really needs a home. lmao

    So no. No such thing as a free kitten, even when it's a stray. lol
  11. klmno

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    Through a family pet as a child, a puppy for a b-day present as a teen, a diabetic dog that was with me thru many transitions as a young adult, to difficult child's and my two pets we've have the past 6-10 years:

    Unconditional love; when it comes to a care-taker role- you get out of it what you put into it; hearing my dog sleeping soundly makes me sleepy; some dogs have more personality and feelings than some people; and depending on who it is, sometimes two eyes glaring at me while pawing me can put a smile on my face. :)
  12. Jody

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    I read this early in the morning and I had to go and think and the many things two very important animals taught me. First was my cat Buddy. We had him 14 years. He taught me unconditional love. He was always there for me, and I was his favorite human. He waited for me to sit down everyday so he could have his favorite time with me. His lap time before dinner. He was a giver of love. He was a joy to have a round, I miss him everyday. Next is my Boy Broady. He is an 75 lbs red Golden Retriever. I have loved every day with him. He was the best puppy. Getting up and spending time with him ( am extra hour every monring devoted to play time). LOL. was like Christmas morning to me, coming home was exciting. We have so much fun. We began to form a very close bond, and some people said he began to become like my service dog. Still seems like it a lot of the time. He is in tune with a lot of my needs and helps me a lot. When my arthriitis flares up and I have nerve problems, he seems to understand that the walk just won't happen, even as a puppy he wouldn't be hyper and act any differently, he was content and happy to just be with me, he would align his body with me on my worst areas and keep me warm. Some nights, I would fall asleep in the chair in the bedroom, and my breathing would be like sleep apnea, and he would jump off the bed and push his two paws on my chest and wake me up, so I could breath correctly. Gently but firmly enough, to wake me up. When I over sleep in the chair and am having anemia problems he puts his teeth on my arm and tries to pull on my arm and bark me out of the chair so I can go to bed. He is an amazing dog. He has done so much for me thru my depression, that people don't understand my relationship with him, but I do. He has always been there for me. He is more than a dog he is a great friend. I tried to take him for a walk the other day, got to optimistic about how far I could go, he doesn't pull on the leash, I said help mom home Broady and he helped pull me the rest of the way home. He turns one on October 1st. He never has had any training. Just lot's of loving. Friends say you spend entirely too much time with Broady. They just don't know what an amazing dog he is. To them he is the perfectly nutty 1 year old dog that he portays himself to be, jumping around, chasing squirrels, playing fetch, swimming, doing all the regular puppy things. I learned animals are so much more than people think they are. Look deep they understand a lot more and can be a lot more if you want and need them to be. I was scared of dogs for so long and took the plunge with him. I am so glad that I did, I have overcome that fear in a big way, another thing I learned.
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    Thanks everyone. I found your posts very poignant.
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    It took a couple of days before I could read, much less write on this thread. When I think of what a pet taught me, I think about my Buddy. Even though he's been gone for 11 1/2 years, I still miss him very much. He was the most beautiful red staffshire pitbull and a one of a kind dog. He was my best friend through the roughest time in my life. He was there through the turbulent times that were my Ex.

    Buddy was my constant companion. I don't know how many times the two of us were stranded somewhere because Ex took off and left us in the middle of nowhere. But Buddy stayed by me as if it was all going to be okay. When the Ex would go on his rampages, buddy would hide behind the couch and peek around as if to say "there's room for you here too."

    Buddy aways sat next to me, then one day he insisted on resting his head on my belly. Everyday, he insisted on that. A week later, I found out that I was pregnant with easy child. Throughout the pregnancy, Buddy would rest his head on my belly during the day and insisted on sleeping between my legs at night. (but only through pregnancy) It was funny when easy child started kicking, buddy would lick my belly and continue to rest his head. When easy child was born, Buddy and easy child had already established their friendship.

    Buddy taught me how to love. How to be loyal to those you love no matter what is going on around you. And Buddy taught me that as long as you have a good friend by your side, life is good. Today, that good friend is husband. Even though I have 3 wonderful loving dogs, no one will ever be able to take Buddy's place. ....I guess that is another thing that Buddy taught me, My heart has room for each individual person/furperson without taking room away from anyone else. That the heart just keeps growing bigger and bigger to add new people. That you never have to lose someone to fit another inside.
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