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    Star* call 911

    I decided after the fawcett aerator post that we have not had a purge post in quite some time. I used to love reading what was annoying to others. Mostly? Because it gave me a chance to feel normal, not like some little weirdo that wanted to run up to the teenager in Kmart in her pajamas and bedroom mules SCUFFING her feet, scuff....scuff......scuff, scuuff scuff scuff.....and slap the slippers right off her while asking DO YOU NOT know how to pick up your feet or are you REALLY that tired that pajamas and slippers were the best you could do on a short notice - cause you are annoying the snot out of my ears.....scuff, scuff, scuu*****POPS GUM******* OMG I'm going to smack her - I am really gripping the cart right now and if it were like those "TEST YOUR STRENGTH" hammer and bell feats at the fair? I would have bent the cart handle into a club, and detached it to knock her out....scuff scuff POP.....scuff scuuf POP.

    And while I'm at it? There is this FRIGGING warbler. HEAVEN HELP ME - I told the man to shut his pie hole. IN a public store. Imagine if you will - for a moment - the opeining of the Disney classic SNOW WHITE - and there are little birds flying and chirping and whistling and warbling and -------this man? This behemoth of a man - WARBLES like that. You'd swear he was back up music for the SNOW peas off my dinner plate. I'm not kidding. I told him to shut it. I think actually what I said was "Do you do that everywhere you go?" he answered yes and I said something like "WOW that is annoying as HE>>." So now when he sees me? He may come into the store warblewhistling - but puts a cork in it if he gets ANYWHERE near me.....and OMG he was whistling a BEETHOVEN sonata the other day......caught the JOURNEY song on the store radio and started whisting - DON"T STOP BELIEVING.....I think I ripped a tea towel in 1/2. possibly with my a show of aggression and disdane for this nimrod.

    And I've mentioned change rattling in a mans pocket - WHY oh WHY do they do that? (SuRE I doNOT want to knowww)

    And most recently the dogs tail was banging on some loose papers and I literally BARKED (hahah) POOTIE STOP WAGGING YOUR which DF walked down the hall and called me the Happiness Nazi. WHEN his wounds heal? I'll write more about him.

    AND YESTERDAY - OH yesterday DF comes in and says "There's a girl in the yard, she's high, and she wants a ride to town." AND I was like WHAT do you want me to .......? I got up, went out, and looked at her little shaky body and said "What's up?" then she started with compliments (Um nitwit I'm 50, haven't showered in 3 days, I'm depressed and could eat my own young right now WTH) then went to AND I KNOW I've messed up big time - that's one me. And I'm standing there even LESS impressed. So all I need from you is - Some MONEY for cigarettes and GAS to get me back to town. I'm having a real bad day ya know?"
    Okay first off - she's got the DT's from something - My best guess? Crack or meth - DF said meth. Secondly I looked at her and said "WELLLLLL I don't know what the BLINK you want ME to do about YOUR problem today. I'm unemployed and he (points back to a DF standing in the door) is on disability - so I guess your bad day ain't getting any better and you picked the wrong yard to wander up in and beg someone's 'old man' for help." She just stood there looking at me and I said "A smart girl would leave.....NOW.

    She stood there looking back at DF and I looked at her and I swear to you I could have jerked her little head off - and I said "I don't know what you're looking at him for - he came in and asked me to get rid of you. You need to find your boyfriend probably parked down the road - over there; and hit the bricks." With that DF said "Well thank YOU." the whole thing took me less than 15 seconds and I was NOT in a cordial mood. I was NOT in a "Come in, sit down, we'll talk about Jesus" mood either - DF said he was worried when I said HIT ......the bricks that I was going to say before I hit you." lol. Not happening. I did say a prayer later for her...but honest to Pete - She told DF she was a Dancer and had made a poor choice - a man , blah blah blah ---(df didn't have his hearing aids in) and could HE give her a lift back to town? -------WITH WHAT? lol.....then when she was talking to me - she messed up and said GAS money. Well if you need a ride - you don't HAVE a car and need gas money you liar. And cigarettes? A PACK OF CIGARETTES.....sure why not! What are they now $5 - 6 bucks a pack - let me walk into your yard somenight and ask you for a gallon of milk and half a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Numnuts.

    Okay that feels better --------NEXT?
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    I think you need a nice glass of wine and a massage.:wine: LOL

    I was upset because I was crocheting tonight and I got the piece I was doing done except that I ran out of yarn with just 12 stitches to go. But after reading about your adventures the last few days:surprise:, a little yarn mishap doesn't seem so bad.
  3. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I'm pretty decent to the poorer than I am and the homeless in the area. I've got this dude, older gent......hard to tell but I'd guess around late husband's age, either alcohol or drugs or both is his main issue. But a uber polite man. He's come to my door I dunno how many times requesting the mattress from the hideaway bed. (I have as yet to toss it due to him wanting it) I have no officially lost count of how many times he's come to the door, politely but LOUDLY knocked (banged is more like it, dogs are ready to eat him by the time the door is opened) and politely requested said mattress. I've never once denied him. It's out in my trash area for a reason, I don't want it. Trash guys finally took the darn sofa part. He showed up again the other day, same scene. Again he didn't take the mattress. Now I dunno if it's a memory issue with him or what. But now I'm ready to smack him upside the head. If it's not picked up by him come monday (next trash day) it's outta here.

    I got these snarky teen boys strolling the alley since the nice weather hit. Up and down and up and down. Stirring up the dogs (not just mine), and I know they're not from around here because Rowdy barks. He only barks at people that don't live in the area. So I've nonchalantly been keeping an eye on them. I've got all my windows open wide to keep the house cool. And these boys are loud, obnoxious, and foul mouthed and like to go on about how big / bad they are to 3 dogs behind a 6 foot privacy fence and a locked gate. Now I probably should have let it slide their last trip by......but it ticked me off and rubbed me wrong. So their slinking down the alley mouthing to the dogs.....and I step out the back door. Just as sweet as you please I say, " you know I could open that gate and let them have you for lunch." And my furbabies did their mom proud and started not only barking but snarling and growling. Those kids stopped slinking and took off. I had to bite my tongue to keep a straight face. I wonder if they'll come back around? lol Now who in their right mind walks up and down an alley mouthing off gesturing to dogs basically teasing and taunting them? Idiots. The world is full of idiots.

    I just realized my dogs are probably the reason I don't get much solicitation for yard work. lol

    This leads to another one. Since the economy stinks, and now gas is an ungodly price..........our alley is like grand central station. You'd not guess that there is a sidewalk on a main street about 30 feet away for them to walk on, no, they feel it's necessary to walk down the alley. Droves of people from single folks to whole darn families at a time. And they talk I get whole conversations by the time they pass the house, whether I want to or not. It was so bad this evening......I had the tv turned up as loud as husband used to listen to it because I couldn't hear the news with all the jabbering going on outside. You know......I don't want to know that your sister ran off with her brother in law and left her kids behind and has now changed her mind and is trying to get back with her man, but he's with her friend from hs.........omg, truly it's unreal.

    And over at easy child's house............ her neighbors drive me bonkers. Not bad people I don't think, just a tad odd. They got this Jack Russel dog who just has to attempt to take a dump or whiz in easy child's yard. Now he's got a huge yard of his own to go in. And 90 percent of the time his people are sitting on their porch watching him. They never say a word, until you holler at him to get into his own yard or throw something at him (because he will not go) Yet their toddlers are climbing all over the outside and inside of their vehicles honking horns and carrying on with the parents & grandparents hollering at them to get out / get down / stop that yadda yadda......but do they move? Nope. ugh Yet the dog takes a dump in everyones yard but their own and they don't "see" a thing. I told easy child she needs to return his "gifts" to their front porch.

    Oh but the one that really drive me nuts? The religious folks that come to the door trying to convert me or get me to go to their church. I have tried to be polite. I have tried to explain that no, I don't do organized religion, yes I do believe in a creator, yes I am a very spiritual person........(and this can go on for hours depending on who they are) I try to be nice. I respect them. They're out there doing what they believe in when most people talk the talk but won't do the walk, I gotta give them that. But when you've tried several hundred times and have gotten the same answer, it's time to give it up already. The baptist were the worst (not surprising I spent many years of my childhood in a baptist church, many of them really really push the witnessing thing). It got to the point where I had to be rude. When that didn't work, I let Molly lunge at them snarling and snapping. The only ones I get now are the Mormons. While I admire their stick to it attitude, they simply do not take no for an answer, to anything. If I can help it, I won't answer the door. But every once in a while they'll catch me off guard. Molly doesn't work because while she'll scare a pair.......they just send a new pair the next time, whom they seem to neglect warning about Molly. :sigh: While I respect mormons.....and respect what they believe, I wish they'd leave me the h*ll alone already. You'd think they'd figure out after 8 plus years of knocking at my door the answer is not gonna change.

    I'd complain equally about politicians coming to the door, but due to Molly they stopped several years back. I'm lucky to get a card or one of those free notepads dropped in my mail box. LOL
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    How about... getting REALLY annoyed about:
    - having winter come back on the first day of spring?
    - having to empty the dehumidifier all winter (usually shut it off in October, back on in May or June... )
    - when the stuff I didn't care whether it sold or not, sells... and the stuff I'm tired of tripping over is still sitting there.
    - when I've already worked enough hours this month to double my usual average income... and we still have half a month left to do 3 months worth of work...
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    OMG Star! Did you see that Shari posted a very similar thread about a down-on-their-luck stranger coming in to her yard asking for money? Is this some kind of movement or something? They sure wouldn't get much if they came in to my yard!

    And I had the same thing today only it was someone knocking on the door. I heard this tiny little knock which set off all four dogs into a snarling, barking frenzy, and the two that were out of their crates rushed the door, ready to defend the ol' homestead. But the whole top part of my front door is glass panels and I didn't see anybody! But I slowly opened the door part way expecting to see nobody ... and there was this tiny little Asian lady with a handful of religious literature. I know she was planning to preach at me but I couldn't hear a word she was saying so I opened the storm door just wide enough for her to slip the tract through and she left! She was probably very glad that I didn't open the door with the snarling dogs right next to me! They are not big dogs but they're almost as big as she is!

    And Lisa, as someone who lives right next door to a city parking lot, I know exactly what you mean! My house sits on a lot that takes up about 2/3rds of a city block and the city parking lot takes up the rest! This means that the row of spaces furthest from the street are right next to my house! And this parking lot is the hangout for every teenager in town! And of course they want to get as far from the street as possible so, even though they have the whole lot, they all park in a row right next to my house! They play "music" that rattles the glass in my windows, squeal tires, honk horns, and throw all their garbage out on the pavement so that the next time the wind blows, it all ends up in my yard. We've been round and round about it for several years! I've had beer bottles thrown in to my yard and picked up condom wrappers that blew on to my grass! The police try to stop it but if I call them, by the time they can get here, the kids scatter like roaches! It was so funny the other day though. A former co-worker, a city alderman and a good friend of mine, lives two blocks away. He was just coming home from work the other day when the music in the parking lot was so loud, he could hear it at his house! He drove up to the parking lot, still in his black prison tact team uniform, and confronted the kids. They didn't know what he was but he looked very official! And he pulled out his cell phone and went down the whole row of cars, taking pictures of all their license plates! Then he called the police and he and I had a nice talk with the officer and showed her the pictures and she wrote down all the license numbers! And things have calmed down a little bit here now!
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    I have one word......BUCK!

    He is still making my life a living hell. They arent working this week so they are sitting on my couch and Tony is lapping it up. Everything I do is wrong and everything Buck does is perfect. I dont know how to keep a civil tongue in my head and it is obvious to everyone that I cant stand the ground Buck walks on. Oh then good, my message is getting across and why hasnt he left? I sure would be gone from somewhere that I wasnt wanted! Well lets see...I just have to understand that Buck is special and he is trying and I dont give him credit where credit is due.

    Every time Tony cooks a meal, Buck raves over it calling him a chef and saying he should be on TV and that he is better than all those people on there. I dont care what he makes. If I make something...well its okay. Edible sometimes. I made an excellent pasta dish and he ate a small portion when I had made extra because he normally eats out of serving dishes instead of plates. This time he only ate a small bowl. His answer....well....I only like spaghetti. Well oddly two nights ago Tony made a dish with rigatoni and Buck raved about it, said Tony pulled out another great Chef meal! Rigatoni, cheese and tomatoes then baked in the oven to melt the cheese. Nothing special. We have been doing this forever and it is MY recipe that I brought to the relationship from my mom but Tony didnt even say that...he just said it was an old family recipe! I guarantee if I had made it, Buck would have hated it.

    I have found these new sausages they just started putting out that I really like that are so good. Tony and I really like the chicken and Gouda cheese ones. I cant remember right off the bat who makes them but they are good. When Buck realized that I bought them and liked them...well...he decided they just were...well...different. Certainly not a good hot dog. Ugh. Nothing I can do is any good. I quit. I said I wont be cooking for either of them until he is gone. They can cook for themselves and I will deal with feeding myself. I will just fix scrambled eggs for dinner every night. Or pick myself up a lean cuisine. Its not like I can eat much anyway.

    We still havent found Tony's truck keys and I am convinced Buck took the truck out without permission. Tony is convinced I took them. I didnt. I am still wondering if we will ever find them. The reason Tony thinks I took them is because I told him I heard them in the truck on Friday. Well that tells me they were there and then they werent. Since there were only 3 people here. And we know 2 of us didnt take them...that leaves one. Seems simple math to me. He wont believe it.

    Tony keeps saying he wants to go to Jamies for easter. I am refusing. He wants to know why. Im not leaving Buck alone in my house and I am not taking him up there. Im not riding in a car with him for 6 hours. I cant think of anything worse in my life than being at Jamies than being there with Buck. I dont like going there as it is and then to have him there too...omg no. I also dont think I would trust leaving my house here alone even if he was moved out. Its easy to break into a mobile home. Tony would never believe he did it.
  7. tiredmommy

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    Could you take Buck to Jamie's and dump him there? Wouldn't he and Billie get along really well? :rofl:
  8. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    Oh and ladies? Star and Shari should be very careful. Those young ladies may have been casing the joint for a burglary or home invasion.
  9. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    That's what I was thinking! Maybe he should join her church. *snort*
  10. Calamity Jane

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    Could you please write a book, so I can buy it? Or a screenplay so I can see the movie? You're one of a kind. You remind me of Shirley MacLaine in "Terms of Endearment" and come to think of it, Shirley MacLaine in "Steel Magnolias." I wish you would compile something, and go on TV doing stand-up - you're talented, I mean it.
  11. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    I think they're out in force, Lisa... I went to Wal-Mart the other day and was going to pick up a No Soliciting sticker for the front door - and they were OUT. I bought the individual letters. They have come to the house 3 times on Friday nights. I am SO SORRY but I'm NOT MORMON and I'm NOT gonna change. I have my beliefs and they don't go along with calling 21-y/o boys "ELDER" or pestering the holy living snot out of people who don't want to be pestered. AAAAANNNNDDDD since I cannot convince Jett to NOT OPEN THE DOOR EVERY TIME THE DOORBELL RINGS, then he tells the person/people we are DOWNSTAIRS (or wherever)... I've tried the "I'm not interested" bit and they don't go away and JETT doesn't tell them either!!! The first time they came by a few weeks ago he came downstairs telling me 2 guys in uniforms were looking for husband. I flew upstairs. GRRRRRRRRRRRR, a suit is not a uniform! The second time - the next Friday - they wanted to see if husband was home. THIRD time, last Friday, I got halfway up the stairs, Jett was coming downstairs and says "the guys in the uniforms are back to talk to Dad" and I promptly started dry heaving. (Fake, but effective... Jett went to the door and told them his Mom was throwing up.) So anyway I got those individual letters, they're at eye level for me. If they get ignored they get one warning: GO AWAY. Next time? Police. because our city does not allow soliciting of any kind without a permit. (Scout troops and PTO fundraisers are exempt.)

    As for other things that make me want to pop someone's head off like a pimple... The guy down the street with the hot rod that revs his engine beginning at 9:30 PM on weeknights ONLY through the entire spring, summer & fall... He started early this year because of the weather... The cops have ARRESTED him because we have a noise ordinance and he STILL DOES IT!

    The guy across the street & down one who complained to the cops when we parked the trailer (for ONE DAY) in the gravel in front of our house because it blocked his getting out (ORLY? You're driving in MY YARD to back out?!), but never asked us to move it, when the cops got there they told him "what trailer" LOL - but HE PARKS IN THE GRAVEL IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSE - we asked him to move, he refused, he got towed after his little un-neighborly stunt. Now, his kids' friends park there too - but they come ask EVERY SINGLE TIME. So polite!!! A couple have carte blanche, we told them we will let them know if we need the space.

    The people directly across the street who SCREAM at one another. Especially the wife, you can hear her with the doors and windows closed and the AC on. And their little boys run wild, never supervised. Spoilt too. All these fancy ATV type toys, motorized bicycles, scooters, etc. - but NO SUPERVISION. These are the kids who like to hit Jett with logs - they're YOUNGER - I have forbidden Jett from playing with them again. EVER. husband likes the husband. He got overheard (by yours truly) telling another neighbor how stupid husband was and how we neglected the kids. I haven't spoken to him since.

    The family next door has an english terrier who is untrained and poos in my garage if it is open, on my DECK, and pees in Bubbles' outside water dish. I chase him off, but he doesn't listen to anyone else. He's terrified of me. I've never hit him... But it's tempting.

    ...Now y'all know why I like online people better...
  12. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    Oh, Star, lol!
    And here I was, feeling sorry for myself because I've got the windows wide open, just to hear the neighbor's beagle incessantly baying all day long. And the window sills are filthy.
    But the redbuds and cherry blossoms make up for it. :)
  13. trinityroyal

    trinityroyal Well-Known Member

    Let's see...

    The amorous teenage boys who come strolling, skateboarding or driving down my street, attempting to impress my next-door neighbour's daughter. She's a beautiful girl, just finishing high school, and nice into the bargain. And they all stand in her driveway, bending her ear. The way our street curves, the back of our house faces the side of theirs, so her driveway is just below my bedroom window. And so I can hear woo. It's sad, really. And so far, she's not impressed. But still they try, and I have to listen to them go on.

    The city workers who have been repairing the water mains at the bottom of the court. The other morning, I found a truckload of them peering in my windows while I was doing my morning workout. I know, I know...I should close the curtains. Except that I don't have any curtains in that room because it's just been renovated and we haven't gotten around to buying the new ones, let alone hanging them. And for pete's sake! I work out at 4:30 in the blankety-blank morning so that I CAN BE LEFT ALONE TO EXERCISE IN PEACE. I don't expect anyone else to be awake at that hour, let alone looking in my windows watching me make an idiot of myself to the Ab Blaster Thingy or the Merengue-At-Home workout.

    The idiot who keeps cutting through the soaker hose that runs around the outer edge of my back garden. It's in the corner furthest from the house, but right next to the bus stop. He reaches through the fence and splits it open with a knife. Replacement hose, same thing. Last summer, he cut through THREE hoses before I gave up and started watering the gardens by hand. I'm dreading his return this spring, and trying to come up with a plan to thwart him. All I can think of is installing galvanized steel conduit that runs around the edge of the I don't have better things to do with my time or money than planning how to thwart some idiot vandal. My preference would be to just lurk, catch him in the act, and then brain him with a garden spade, but it always happens when husband and I are at work. Sigh...
  14. muttmeister

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    One thing I've noticed is that, even though I have a somewhat prickly personality, as I get older, little things bother me less. I used to work myself up into a frenzy about little things (the neighbor's animals, stupid drivers, people who say stupid things to me, and the idiots of the world who, in my book, include most everybody in the world except for the poeple on this board) but now it has to be a pretty big deal to get my attention. I've decided to live in my own little world and I am pretty much oblivious to a lot of the stuff that used to drive me crazy. I think I"ve gotten that way since I retired. Since I no longer have all of the stress at work (created by other crazy people) I've relaxed a little.
    That doesn't mean I don't go off on somebody occasionally. Feels pretty good sometimes too. LOL
  15. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    I have something to add...

    Those people who, by dint of their rank, believe they are ALWAYS RIGHT and even if the tools aren't capable of handling the task (i.e. a spoon for raking leaves) expect you to do it. With bad information.
  16. DaisyFace

    DaisyFace Love me...Love me not

    The thing that annoys me the most, at any time in any situation?


    'nuff said...
  17. Lothlorien

    Lothlorien Active Member Staff Member

    Star, I'm with you on the whistling thing. It makes me nuts.

    The neighbor's dog get left outside all day. During the winter it's not that big of a deal, because with the windows shut, I really don't hear it, but now that we are opening windows...ugh. There's nothing worse than having the day to myself (kids gone for the day) and wanting to enjoy a book by the pool or on the patio and having that dog barking non-stop. I always bring my dog in when she starts barking. PERIOD.

    Cars with the BOOM BOOM BOOM. Why do kids think that everyone within a one mile radius wants to hear the music (or what they think is music) blaring from the back of their cars? Not to mention that we will be paying for their hearing aids someday because of the damage they are doing to their ears and everyone within the vicinity of their boom box.
  18. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    LOL Loth... Yeah. Not only that but the Doppler Effect really messes up the good songs. Bleah. (Not to mention they can't hear squat afterward!)
  19. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    ~Arrogant doctors

    ~Submissive wives

    ~Obnoxious, precocious, loud children that horn in on adult time


    ~Veteranarians who act like they work at the Mayo Clinic for animals - just give my dog her shot and shut up and stop charging me for unnecessary tests (she's a dog!).

    ~People who choose lunchtime to haggle over raincheck items and coupons at the sole checkout in Walgreens. Jeez, get a life.

    ~H's chewing in the morning, noon, and night. The way he bites spoons when he's eating ice cream - wth?

    ~difficult child's breath and dental hygiene habits.

    ~People who keep their house like a model home on showcase.

    ~My sensitive sense of smell - it's really annoying at times because I smell everything and sometimes what is subtle to others is overpowering to me.

    ~H's breathing at night

    ~People who feign ignorance...but really know EXACTLY what they're doing

    ~Paying too much for anything

    ~Long winters

    ~Paying for gas for my car



    ~Dirty floors

    ~Food shopping

    ~Overbearing people who always want to show me 'the right way' to do stuff...or, 'the way they do it', as if it's the right way. Grrrr. I have an office manager in the FL office who always tries to one up me about the way I handle certain company policy...I sometimes just want to smash the phone on my desk 800 times to make her shut the F up!

    ~Running out of staples


    ~People who don't clean the lint trap in the dryer

    ~People who don't replace the used up sliver of soap in the shower

    ~People who can't figure out how to replace a roll of toilet tissue in the bathroom and just lean it against the wall on TOP of the dispenser. REALLY?!

    ~Smelly pool towels

    ~Yard clean up


    ~Dirty glasses and a broken dishwasher

    ~An empty wine bottle on a Saturday night after the package store has closed (ours are closed on Sunday)

    ~Beach fleas and seaweed around my ankles

    ~Colds, vomiting and the flu

    ~My exh and his family

    ~An empty water bottle

    ~Mean people

    ~Spiteful/Vengeful people

    ~Oblivious people!!!
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  20. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    ...People that, no matter HOW MANY TIMES you explain to them that they need to talk to Joe, or Jane, or Jim, or Jill, refuse to talk to any of the above, TELL YOU they need help figuring something out and then no matter what you say tell you that you are wrong, and won't shut up or go away, or talk to the person that ACTUALLY CAN HELP THEM - and they keep calling back when you transfer them to another person who is away from their desk. I have talked to this lady NO LESS THAN 8 times in the last HOUR!!! I DON'T KNOW. JOE AND JIM DO. I'M SO SORRY THEY'RE ACTUALLY WORKING AND CAN'T ANSWER THE PHONE YOU NEED TO BE PATIENT LADY!

    <not having a good day, can you tell?>