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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ksm, Dec 29, 2012.

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    Yesterday, husband found a box of Lucky Charms cereal from under difficult child's bed. It was almost full. We have a no food in your room rule. She seemed like she didn't understand how they got there. hmmmm...

    Last night, I thought... a bowl of Lucky Charms would make a nice snack before bedtime. Poured a bowl... hmmmm... no magically delicious marshmallow lucky charms in my bowl. Pulled the plastic bag out of the cardboard box. Not ONE MARSHMALLOW BIT in the whole bag. Hmmmmm...

    It it was a 5 year old I would understand. But she will be 15 in a couple of months! At least she didn't lie about eating the marshmallows when I showed her the box. She will be real unhappy when she realizes that no new cereal will be purchased until she eats the plain cereal left in the box. KSM
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    If this was common, I'd be irked. If it was rare, I'd probably laugh. easy child is the type to do something like eat the marshmallows and skip the cereal, and giggle like a fiend about the silliness of it all. I would however, do as you, and insist the cereal get eaten (as well as tell her it was cute/funny this time but won't be again). I would be annoyed at it being stuffed under a bed though. Although I don't have a no food in the bedroom rule, I do have a no dirty dishes/wrappers/packaging/left over food in the bedroom rule. If I discovered half eaten product under her bed, I'd be enforcing a no bedroom eating/drinking rule for a considerable time. It is a pet peeve of mine. (I also insist she sweep her floor corner to corner in her room every other day, in case of crumbs. She also must mop once a week, but in between as well if anything at all spills)

    I might as a joke, purchase another box of the same cereal, take all of the marshmallows out for myself and get difficult child to eat the second box as well sans cereal, seeing as she took all the marshmallows from round one. Somehow I bet she won't enjoy two straight boxes worth of the same cereal, minus the yummy treat parts. By which point she likely will not be digging for them next time round.

    Hope I don't offend that I smiled huge at this post. Wouldn't life be grand if the ONLY concern was the missing marshmallows in the cereal box? ;)
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    Hope I don't offend that I smiled huge at this post. Wouldn't life be grand if the ONLY concern was the missing marshmallows in the cereal box? ;)[/QUOTE]

    I agree that it is a minor problem... just wish she wouldn't have played dumb when the box was found. "I don't know what it is doing under the bed?" This is the same teen that things we should trust her with driving a car soon. I have realized that Lucky Charms just aren't the same without the marshmallow bits... KSM
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    It's the same story at our house. difficult child continues to "forget" about all the food she has in her bedroom....and sugary cereals are out, too.