Think it's time to make peace now!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by lovelyboy, Sep 6, 2012.

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    Feels like a long tough road of searching, fighting and questioning has reached it's final chapter....And I feel very tired and relieved!
    We had our assessment and interview with the new neurologist today....for a second opinion....after the previous one told us their is nothing wrong with my son and we need better parenting skills!!!!
    This dr was so thorough, gentle, loving and engaging with my son! Listened carefully to me and even had an Occupational Therapist (OT) who did screaning assessment.
    The verdict: She says she is 100% sure my son has Aspergers.....NOT ODD and NOT Bipolar! She even said this before she knew the psychiatrist suspected Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)!
    She is also requesting a 12 hour sleep EEG to be done, while video taping his sleep.
    She also suggested starting Risperdal, only one drop at night...increasing it to 2.5 ml over weeks...She wil contact the psychiatrist and later maybe stop the Cipralex(SSRI)...
    She also would like him to continue Occupational Therapist (OT) for SI.....
    I feel like we need to accept this diagnosis now and make peace with it......She said their is a specific test that takes 3 hours to do that can be done for AS assessment, but in our country having a diagnosis will not give us any benefits, so I dont see any need to put my son through any further stress!
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    Will you get a formal report? THAT would be enough, in the future, to trigger formal "testing" and a formal diagnosis, should there become advantages to doing so.

    It really does help, though, when what the specialists see lines up with what we see and feel.
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    Oh I can imagine you might feel a little torn. It matches all you really felt was going on but still, I remember hearing the words and my heart broke. It meant no real cure was likely. That I couldn't hold out for it to be just recovery from brain surgery. (He was still very young at that time ) ....anyway just wanted to give you a big cyber hug.
    I wonder if the neuro was talking about the ADOS and I agree, no need if the doctors diagnosis gives you enough to go on. There are some good books even for him to help understand that there are dfferences yes, but also he is unique and gifted as all kids are. When he is ready it might be helpful. I still think Grandma could stand to read up on it too.
    Quin's seizures only could be caught when doing an in patient evaluation because they realized they needed to add extra leads then they showed up like mad! I like this new neuro along with your other folks recently ....yipee! Answers at last and validation of what you always really felt was going on.
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    I am so glad your suspicions have been verified. I know when I FINALLY got the official diagnosis (ADOS and neuropsychologist) it was a huge relief. As Buddy said it was also a little troubling, but I was happier knowing exactly what I was dealing with so I could start helping difficult child 1 in the RIGHT way. Knowing has made such a huge difference in our lives ...... we've learned how to work with it and within it.

    I am glad you finally found some wonderful specialists. That alone makes a big difference. And yes, there are MANY books out there for you, difficult child, and family to read when/if they're ready. Congrats on being validated. Now the work begins.
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    Thanx all.....Aggggghhh Buddy...I didnt even told grandma about ANY assessment or feedback.....She couldnt care less....Its all rubbish according to her! :( Any amount of info will just be oil on the fire! very sad, but true.....