Think of me today!


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Well we got a lot done today....and I feel good because I think we helped our son get some things in place that will help in a positive way. We met up this morning and he texted us right on time. One of the things I wanted to do was to meet the family clinician at the treatment place because she has been great. My son was fine with that but he did not want to go because he felt he had burned some bridges when he relapsed. So I got in touch with her and we agreed to go at noon and she really hoped son would come and she made the comment "he is better than his worst mistake!" Anyway I told him that and said sometimes when you feel uncomfortable and are avoiding people it is best to dive in and get it over with and then it feels better. My son still didn't want to go and we agreed he could wait somewhere. Of course I wanted him to go but I also knew that I could not push it. (I have come a long long way in this regard). So we did a couple errands, headed toward the meeting and I asked my son where we should take him and he had decided to go! And it was really good. So it made me feel better because I feel like helping him reconnect there builds his safety net if he crashes and burns.

So then we took him to the gym and got him a gym membership. year contract...but exercises is an important positive for him. And then we took him to the bike place where he has had the bike he is borrowing to be fixed.nthe bad news is the part is almost impossible to find and it will be a couple months! Besides walking and the bus the bike has been his mode of we ended up finding a place to buy him a good used bike! It took all afternoon but as he said that will really help him.

So I am feeling like we gave him some concrete help but in a positive way and now it's up to him to use it. We got him some groceries, gave him warm hugs and said was hard to leave and know I won't see him for a while.