Thinning Hair - Biotin and shampoo Part 2

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. DDD

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    I've gotten the little gel caps and started on those last night. Couldn't find what seemed like the "right" shampoo in town but husband picked up "thick & full biotin & collagen shampoo" by Oranix for me. Not sure if the "ix" equals "ic" but "collagen" is what I thought people used for face wrinkles ??? Hmm...can you tell I am not a rocket scientist?? Anyway thought I'd ask you guys whether "collagen" is natural/organic ?? and not likely to trigger health issues. I know it's not likely to kill me but I really have been trying to keep choosing healthy alternatives since I'm not doing chemo. Sure would hate to find out later that an ingredient was a "no no" and I was just too naive to know. DDD
  2. KTMom91

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    If it fills in wrinkles, it might work to fill in hair growth. I don't know, though.
  3. Dixies_fire

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    Collagen will help the split ends or damaged parts, not totally sure if it is organic or not but I've never heard of any problems from topical application, ie not injected.
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    Depends on your definition of "organic" If it means found in nature then it is organic. It is a protein found in the human body (and I think all mammals) mostly for the benefit of the connective tissues. The type of collagen that is used for injections could also be considered organic because it is harvested from cows. I heard on Doctor Radio (one of my favorite shows on my sirius satellite direct from New York Lancomb Medical Center) a while back that they are working on developing synthetic collagen but apparently it's difficult to reproduce in the lab. I guess the collagen in the shampoo would be animal based?

  5. DDD

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    I'd forgotten that I had a Dermatologist appointment yesterday (hooray, no new skin cancers!) and remembered to ask about my scalp and hair. The PA checked me out and said "I'd guess your hair loss is due to stress as there is no sign of a problem." She explained that the collagen and biotin are not absorbed by the scalp and only impact the hair texture itself so no problem. Like some of you said, she explained that oral biotin takes three months or so before any change is seen. It helps some people more than others. So I'll continue to follow Board advice and not fear that I could have any negative results. less thing to stress over. LOL Thanks! DDD
  6. Nomad

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    That shampoo sounds good. I am glad there are no signs of new cancer!!!
    I forgot to mention that I am using a shampoo once a week with ketoconazole in it. It is found in some dandruff shampoos...mostly on line. I read an article a few years back that said there was a study that shows it can reduce hair loss.
    I've been taking the Biosil now for perhaps a month or slightly more. It has helped me in the past and I believe is helping me now.
    Been taking the extra Biotin (5000) for only a few weeks.
    Anyway, this last week, I have noticed that my hair is no longer falling out and looks a tad healthier. Crossing myself, lighting a candle and knock on wood. Sending good thoughts for us all!
  7. LittleDudesMom

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    5,000 mg of Biotin is the recommended dose for hair and skin results.

    *DDD, congrats on the clean skin test!
  8. DDD

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    Nomad, your hair looks just perfect in your picture! LDM thanks for the congrats. "Back in the day" when we spent all summer on the beach and sking around Biscayne Bay NOBODY knew about skin cancer. Although I never did it, many of my friends slathered themselves with baby oil and Coppertone and all kinds of stuff to get tan. LOL! Somehow it seems a bit like a "hate joke" to get the negative results at full maturity when the damage was done long before maturity even began! DDD