This article made me think of Shari and others

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    I get Wrightslaw online, really good articles, by the way.
    But this one made me think of many of your kids.
    K is not dealing with many of these issues. Her behaviour issues are on a different level. Not so severe I suppose.

    It is worth a read. It is about the School's obligation, when one of our kid's behaviours is affecting his learning. Where were the issues missed in his schooling as far as treatment. What should the School do and what do they have to do.
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    Thanks Toto! More stuff to whittle away me "free" time! lol!

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    Thanks, Toto! I wonder if our SpEd teacher would like to read this, too....? Hm...
    I apologize for being absent lately. I have been putting together an IEP team meeting with wee difficult child's Developmental Pediatrician, which is happening tomorrow, and in light of that and learning that the para's for his building may be changing next year, have swayed on my insistence that I have a para shadowing me. So....that meant I had to attend a field trip with him yesterday and be his para at school today, since the entire SpEd staff was at a conference. I know, I said I wasn't going to do this, but after we found out pretty boy is leaving, I also found out (off the record) that the paras are likely changing, as well. There are basically 10 days of school left and he's doing well with me, so I'm just gonna do it and start fresh when I know who the players are for next year.
    The good news is that both days I was with difficult child all day at school went EXTREMELY well. He wasn't perfect, but he was managed.