This could be one of our kids ... not so sure about the diagnosis

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Aug 24, 2012.

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    How sad. Yes, the medication cocktail looks very familiar but we only tried one at a time before we realized none of them were needed. I'm just glad they found someone when she was so young to figure it out and will be there to help her. Imagine what it could have been like if they'd played the "game" until she was much older. He's right about the lack of supports. Thanks for sharing this.
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    I have seen the documentary on TV about the family - they actually have a blog

    They had split the family up with mom and Jani living in one apt and across the way dad and brother. Its sad because last I read her brother was starting to show signs of the same mental illness. If you google her name they have all kinds of videos.

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    I have seen this girl on TV several times. She is very sick and now her brother seems to be following in her footsteps. It is very sad. I dont think we have anyone on this board at her level though several years ago we did have a mom on here with a girl with childhood onset schizophrenia. She actually lived in CA too come to think of it.
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    I happened upon the documentary about six months ago and then, much to my surprise, again maybe four weeks ago, I was/am so impressed by the parents consistent dedication, curiosity,creativity and sense of fun. Most of all I was impressed by the parental sharing of responsibilities. Inspriring. DDD
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    Oh no, the boy's turning out that way, too? Those poor kids, and poor parents. OMG, what a tragedy.

    Yes, the parents ARE dedicated.