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  1. mrscatinthehat

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    This really is Fascinating.....
    I can't believe how much work has gone into this painting. The painting itself is great but as you run your curser over the people it tells you who they are and provides a link, (double click on a person) to get more information on each person. This could keep you occupied for hours. Make sure to scroll right and left.
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    My goodness! That's quite a painting. It's actually a history lesson.

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    Interesting group of people. I wonder why the artist chose the people he did versus the people he didn't.
  4. mrscatinthehat

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    It is an interesting group of people. I sit here and thing who would I have put into a picture like that.

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    That was cool!

    I learned about Guan Yu. From the sui dynasty. (Wondered if that was Sewwwww eeeeeeeh) lol....(snort) hahah.....PIG snort.
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    Wow. An amazing painting. :D


    There is always a but, isn't there :rofl:

    But I can think of so many extremely well known historical figures left out...... And I realize Mike Tyson and Michael Jordan are infamous......but well......if I were painting this, I wouldn't have included them without also including say Babe Ruth. I guess you can't fit everyone. lol

    Very interesting. I know I'm only working on less than 3 hrs sleep, but everytime I looked again I swear I spotted someone else.
  7. gcvmom

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    Well, this was painted by three Chinese artists, so their own particular perspective on the world has to be taken into account. Probably why there were so many Asian historical figures (several of whom I have never heard of -- but that's my uneducated Western perspective coming into play!)
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    I found it very interesting, especially bearing in mind the celebrated Chinese-born artist who lives down our street. His paintings (some of them of large groups of very familiar faces, like this) are at least as good.

    But something I've noticed about our friend, and I think I also see it in this painting - the double-meanings deliberately painted in. For example, Elizabeth II is wearing "Elizabethan" dress, from the period of Elizabeth I.

    ANd the apparently disputed figure of Noah or CHarles Darwin - it's definitely Darwin's face. But to depict him as Noah, gathering animals to a place fo safety from the Flood - cheeky indeed.

    There are subtle motifs all through the painting. Other things I've love to know more about, such as the significance of each small item and also the significance of the various abstract patterns here and therfe. They wouldn't be there without a very good reason.

    Again, I see this in the paintings of our neighbour. One of my favourites of his is a painting of George Gittoes, a local artist who is often embedded with our troops and peacekeeping forces when they go into war-torn areas. George paints the struggle of the individual people and sometimes I feel is a very haunted man. When embedded he wears army fatigues but carries a notepad and pencils instead of weapons.


    In this link you will see an example of one of these paintings. Looking at the full-size painting, at first you see him standing on a battleground, flames int he background. But look again and the flames are the skirting board of a room, the sands underfoot are the floorboards. The subject is at first wearing army fatigues, but look again and they're paint-splotched clothing. The face and the horror the subject is seeing - it takes talent to paint that well. The broken idol on the floor is from the killing fields of Rwanda.

    So I wonder if this technique of extreme symbolism and deliberately mixed visual metaphors is also perhaps a Chinese thing, at least in painting.

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    That certainly explains a lot.

    Ya know, I was wondering why Darwin looked like Noah and why he wasn't in a suit of some kind.
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    Marg I was wondering about the items on the tables and other small things. I had hoped to find links in those. I don't know if anyone cuaght it or not but the sheep does have a link it is Dolly the cloned sheep. When I figured that out I went around to every item but no links.

    I couldn't get the link to the other open. I find these types of things interesting becaue it is always educational to look at things from others perspective.

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    Thanks, honey.

    He's handy to have around, isn't he?

    My Raoul...