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    soooo i was online the other night at home depot. our yard looks well horrible. my perinnials from last year are coming up, yet no one's ever planted in the yard before so we dont' have shrubs, etc. just alot of other plants i planted along the front. i also planted around our tree.

    spent alot of time last year heading to local compost station to get free dirt, was trying to spruce the outside up for wedding in backyard.

    anyway........ yea i ramble. i ordered a small tree magnolia, 3 shrubs, and 3 other things. we have a home depot card so i asked husband and he said will this make your week better?? i said YEAH!! so he ordered them.

    delivery came last night, one very tall, very slim box while we were eating. him and i jumped up to open it.

    inside and i should of taken a picture was this tiny itty bitty little twig it looked like. lol with a note i'm not dead i'm just dormant plant me and make me happy! and 6 of the tiniest little things i've ever seen! LOL

    husband was like this can't be it, it's gotta be wrong that's 100 bucks worth of plants?? :)

    we've never ordered on line before for this. well funny here i was saying wow the neighbors are going to be like look at that house now lol. i had a special huge area for my twig lined up. it was going to be the centerpiece of our home LOL

    needless to say they were small enough to put in the corner of our dining room on the table. it took all of 5 minutes last night to put the twig in the ground. difficult child named her dalilah.

    i gotta take a picture and post it! i looked up magnolia on line it takes 80 years to grow and it grows up to 30 ft tall!!! LOL

    difficult child said well when i'm old i'll drive by and see our tree!

    this was probably funnier in person. my stepdaughter said well i gotta go talk to that ups guy who does he think he is sending us this twig? LOL
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    Mods i'm so sorry can you pop this in the right forum?? :) clearly the pressure's getting to me lol
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    How disappointing Jena ! I would have laughed at first and then been a little PO'D... I love when my yard is all done for the season.

    If you don't mind I would like to vent with my story about my yard. We hired our neighbor to landscape our yard. I met with him once (3wks ago) and told him I would like to change things up, plant some new shrubs, perennials, trees, etc...

    He is in the middle of a marital crisis and I am being patient and compassionate as I can be but my yard looks horrible and I just want it done. Needless to say he has not returned to do the job.

    What do you think I should do ? I don't want to fire him but at the same time we need the work done....
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    I love magnolia trees, they're magnificent once they get grown. 30 feet? I could swear the ones where I grew up were taller than that. And they had these HUGE white blossoms so big you could put your entire face in the bloom and inhale the cloying sweetness (warning: check for bees and other insects first!) and they're great for climbing when you're a kid.
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    haozi thats' why i got it. i saw a picture online lol. somewhere in my diluted mind i thought it woudl come in the box "big" :) it didnt' look 30 ft online they just show you a small snapshot. i love magnolia's and thought oh a tree............

    shelly - i had a similar problem...... last summer i was at my friends, it was our first summer in the house and the yard was wreck. i met this landscaper there a nice guy who seemed desperate for business and well he said hey i'll help you for cheap etc. so i felt bad, knew we didnt' have alot of money but husband and i thougth aw help out a new business man kinda thing...... he must have kids he's feeding etc.

    WELL, long and behold he showed up to mow our lawn 6 hours later. yes 6 HOURS later, and 3 cig. breaks later, him breaking to kiss his girlfriend in his pick up truck, and his lawn mower broken two times the lawn was halfway done!!! LOL.

    i called husband and said well heres' the story. he said jen just get rid of him. dog was flipping out all day he's afraid of mower's yes my rescue pup. long story short it took me 3x more of this type of stuff neighbors' complaining due to noise the scary guy in the broken down pick up truck and his half dressed girlfriend till i finally said hey no more. :)

    if he can't do the work he can't do it. just be honest with him say i'm so sorry your having a rough time and we wanted to know if it woudl be easier for you if we just forgot about our agreement and we'll just handle the yard work ourselves. this way your being empathic and at the same time your releasing him or at least giving him the option of giving up. throw in somewhere how your having co. on such and such a date so you had to get it done by than and dont' want to add further stress to his life. just a thought! good luck!