This is just creepy

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mstang67chic, Aug 19, 2008.

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    Believe it or not..............I've seen worse. At least this was just for the wake.

    Although it was an unusual request.
  3. mstang67chic

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    Not sure I want to know.
  4. Marguerite

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    Did you ever read Evelyn Waugh's "The Loved One"? It was a set text for us at school. Brilliant satire. Unfortunately, based too much on the strange things tat people really will do...

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    Prop me up

    beside the jukebox

    If I die

    (Sorry, country music has some bizarre lyrics)

    I think it is strange. But we each want differnt things. It is nice that his family was able to honor HIS last wishes.

    I would not want one of my children standing, embalmed, in my home for ANY amount of time.

    I actually don't want them embalmed in my lifetime, but that is a different topic.

    This guy's family must have loved him very much.
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    Did you see the movie of "The Loved One"? It was billed as the movie with something to offend everyone. husband and I plan to be cremated. Everyone can view my urn, though. Maybe it will be pretty...
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    That would be spooky.....I am still sitting here shivering.

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    susiestar, that song was the first thing I thought of when I read the article...
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    I have watched the movie of "The Loved One" many, many times and loved it ... that's really an old one. I wish it would come on TV again!

    I remember Bill Cosby saying a long time ago that he'd like to make a little tape recording to be played at his funeral so he could "greet" the guests that came to the funeral home. As they filed past the casket they'd hear his voice saying ...


    "How're you doing?"

    "Glad you could come!"

    "Don't I look natural?"
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    At my sister in law's funeral earlier this year, difficult child greeted my husband's best friend at the door with,

    "Hi R. See that little box over there? That's Aunt J. She's in the box. She was cremated, you know. That's how she can fit in the box."

    Throughout the funeral, R and I (who were the only ones who heard this speech) were doing our stifle the fits of giggles.

    As for the embalmed dude, it is very creepy, but lovely at the same time that his family was able to honour his wishes. Different strokes, I guess...
  11. Marguerite

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    A friend of ours at church was looking after her husband as he declined into Alzheimer's. She was lucky with him - he stayed the lovely, gentle man he always had been. Happy, loving, kind. They went everywhere hand in hand - because they loved each other, but also so she would know where he was, because he would wander. At church even the little children would look after him and hold his hand. I would see him walking along the path with a small child and they would stop together to look at a beetle on one of the roses.

    But she had to stop taking him to funerals. It was just too embarrassing. It never mattered where he was - supermarket, church, beach, the street - someone would see him, go up to him and say, "Lovely to see you! How are you, old friend?"

    And his loud reply, always, would be, "Wouldn't be dead for quids!"

    Not good, at a funeral.

  12. TerryJ2

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    Marg, LOL!

    I had to read Evelyn Waugh for HS, too.

    The Puerto Rican guy truly was loved ... but I can't help wonder what kind of a life he lived that he died under a bridge, so young, and spoke about the type of wake and funeral he wanted. Maybe it's a common conversation in that family but ...
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    Yikes!!!!! I read this article yesterday and thought "Ok, So Mom is following through with her sons wishes" Hmmm thats a good thing. But after a while I started wondering to myself how a Mom could do that in her home... Oh well to each is own but yes I find it a bit odd and creepy myself.
  14. Star*

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    (bows to Donna)

    There was an elderly man not long ago that was a football fan - instead of the casket - they had recreated his living room, with TV, recliner, remote and him sitting in the recliner - so his loved ones rememberd him as he was. I thought that was the beginning of something unusual -

    No more than Roy Rogers and Walt Disney in cryrogenics waiting for a body - and WHO stuffs their horse? OMG - that was a lot of straw.