This is what winter in Buffalo is all about!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Jan 31, 2009.

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    I want to be the Hot Chocolate WHAT TOTAL FUN!
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    This looks like fun! :) It actually remined me of my childhood. My father was in the Air Force and we lived in Fairbanks Alaska in military housing. Behind our house, which was like an apt. building really, was a good sized ravine or ditch. On the other side, there was more housing. In the winter, after the temps dropped below freezing, the fire dept. would come out and fill that ravine with water. After it froze, :temps: the adults strung christmas lights all around that skating rink. We all owned ice skates. Every single day, after school and after dinner all of the children and a lot of adults in the neighborhood were ice skating. It was great and we loved having our own skating rink in our back yard! :skate:
  4. gcvmom

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    Awesome! Can you imagine the amount of time/energy that went into that? Is the guy a wee bit difficult child? Reminds me of some of the obsessive projects my husband has taken on!
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    How cool!!!! I wish I lived near enough to go down it! Too bad I can't plan a visit to my grandma's in Buffalo!
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    That's pretty cool, TM.

    We used to get a lot more snow around here, when I was a kid. One of my friend's dad used to make lobster traps all winter and stack them in his yard. When it would snow, he would make slides all around his yard, using the traps to stabilize the highes part of the slides. It was lots of fun.
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    Not your normal back yard that's for sure.
    After spending a week shoveling, shivering and grey skies, I'm happy to be in sunny, NC where the temp is going to 60 this afternoon. :bravo:
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    That is the coolest!! I want one in my backyard!!!