THIS Is Why I Said No Library Cards!!!

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    I have been against my kids borrowing books from the library for years. The same thing happens a few months after they get this privilege - they lose the books and the fees are enormous.

    When we lived in OH I had to pay over $400 in library fines because Wiz and Jess hid library books (all at one time, the fees were so high because Wiz borrowed some very old out of print books). At the time I said I would buy books for them used, but would NOT let them borrow library books.

    Five years ago I gave it a second chance. same thing happened and I said never again. About 2 years ago husband and Gpa went and got cards and let them borrow books anyway. I was told that I, and my objections, were ridiculous, over-reacting adn stupid (since early childhood the word stupid has been regarded as more obscene than any other curse word including the F word by my parents). Within 2 months Jessie had books she said she returned but the library has marked as checked out to her. We got a bill for it three months ago. because I said that it was done with-o my approval, husband was to take care of this. As usual he has ignored it hoping it will just go away. He tried twice to take her to the library to find the books on the shelves (this kind of mixup is fairly common at our library according to other parents - mostly because they have a lot of teen volunteers who take care of checking books in and reshelving0 but the two times he asked she had taken migraine medications and was already vomiting so she was unable to go. I know she asked once to be taken and was told that he "didn't feel like it". These happened with-in about 10 days of getting the notice.

    I only found out that it was still an issue today because Jess wanted to get a cd but wasn't up to going to the store. I asked husband if he would get it for her, using her $$. With all she does around here I don't think it was too much to ask, esp since he had to go there anyway.

    He had a fit at ME!! Said that calls are still coming about the books and acted like it was somehow MY fault! I told him, in no uncertain terms, that this was HIS problem and HIS fault. HE was told not to permit any of the kids to bring books home, to make dang sure that if he did then I wasn't bothered by any problems and it is NOT NOT NOT something he was going to put ANY blame onto ME over.

    I am not certain what I am going to say when he comes home, but he is NOT going to be happy. I am going to insist that he work with Jessica to find the books if they are here. I am also going to insist that he call the collection agency (he ignored this for over a year so it is in collections, of all the ridiculous things!) WITH JESSICA and they work out a payment plan if the books cannot be found here or at the library.

    He also WILL need to find a way to apologize to me for letting this happen and for attempting to fob off responsibility to me.

    In the future people can call me all kinds of names, tell me I am stupid, ridiculous, irrational, over-reacting, or whatever. There still will be NO library books from ANY library in my home. Period.
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    Sorry this happened. Sadly, not surprised.

    I think your plan is a good one.

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    been there done that.
    difficult child loses them. We find them mo's later.
    It's actually less expensive to buy books on sale at B&N. MUCH less than a $400 fine.
    by the way, I thought they charged smaller fines for kids' books?
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    They do charge smaller fines. That is why it is $90, just the cost of replacing the books. Adults are charged the replacement cost plus fines here.

    The $400 was for seven books that husband was with them when they checked them out. Not only was it another library system that was NOT as easy on kids, some of the books were first editions that were out of print and should NEVER have been classed as able to check out or even read with-o supervision. They were old and rare and should have been in the special collections area, NOT the children's stacks. But that was a different argument for a different day.

    What has me super angry is that I was promised that if this happened then I would NOT have to deal with it at all AND that I was called names when I objected to letting the kids check books out. I could have been okay if husband had said that he knew why I felt that way but was going to do it anyway as long as he left out the name calling. Name calling when we work through things is rare and I do not know why it happened, but it did and i will have to get over it. I will, but husband is going to remember this for a long long long time so he doesn't do it again.
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    I would be flipping out too! I agree about the rare and discontinued books not being checked out- especially to minors. How annoying!! I like your plan though.
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911's not a 7 letter word.....I don't care HOW you add it up.

    Dude once - in his INFINITE wisdome pretended to take the book up to the depository and then stuffed it in his shirt. It was about bicycles. He was in sixth grade. I was so proud he had gotten a library card. It was a major accomplishment for both of us. One of the first things I got after my divorce. That stupid, little book cost me about $65.00, MY library card, and embarrassment like you can't imagine. YOU don't think librarians can't put a KIBOSH on you? A Voodoo don't think you will ever need to use the library and they won't be at the front counter LURCHING on their padded stools like VULTURES waiting for the lion to walk away from the dead carcas? RIGHT......
    I went sometime last year when there was a recommended book out from here and applied for my card. When the book came in? I took it and sat in a chair....there in the library. Literally afraid to walk out with the danged thing. I finally left. I even called them 2 days before it was due to BEG PERMISSION for another week. Which I felt the VULTURE granted with beedy little eye slits and an evil voice even though I couldn't see her I felt her rustling her feathers in joyous overtones of "AH HA....CAUGHT YOU TRYING TO SKIP OUT AGAIN."

    Yeah - haven't used it since..........too worried I'll owe....and right now without a job? I can't afford a second mortgage on the house to pay for an overdue book.
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    Star, I feel the same way. My parents felt it terribly shameful that I did not allow the kids to borrow books from the library, or have a library card. I know not why.

    But they can have cards as soon as they are 18 and I don't have any responsibility for them. Otherwise they can sit and read them at the library or we will buy books used or new or get them via freecycle. Period.

    After many years of thinking I was ridiculous but he was willing to indulge me, husband created this debacle. He learned today that I expect HIM to look for the books around the house also. Talk about shock! Why does HE
    have to look for them? Let me think..... I let him know that thinking that way does NOT fly. NOT when he agreed to take responsibility for the books and the fine. If he wants to pay half the fine himself he can skip the searching. Otherwise it is at least half his fault.

    I thought his teeth were going to fall out, his mouth fell open so hard!!!