This little Sandra girl in CA

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  1. DammitJanet

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    I know I am not the only one who is troubled about the little girl out in CA who was allegedly killed by the Sunday School teacher.

    I have been watching the case on HLN along with the updates on the Caley Anthony case. Both cases are just heartbreaking.

    What really bothers me about the little Sandra case is the uproar that is coming out about the background of the woman they have charged...this Melissa Huckaby person.

    Evidently this Melissa Huckaby has quite the checkered past emotionally with being raped at 18, some sort of abusive relationship, a run in with the law and getting charged with petty theft at a Target store and then being court ordered to attend mental health treatment for an undisclosed reason. Nothing really stands out as being really OUT there as far as being psychotic or a danger to self or others.

    Now the news people are clamoring for some sort of registry akin to the sex offender registry for people with mental illnesses. OMG. At least a few people who were on the shows had the good, common sense to say that was idiotic because if you filled any room that at least 20% would have some form of mental illness but the zealots wouldnt be deterred. They insisted that people with "severe mental illnesses like 'bipolar, schizophrenia and personality disorders'" should have to register in order to live among the good citizens of this country so they could be tracked. Sigh.

    I know this is frightening but we dont even know that this woman was diagnosed with any of these disorders. Most people with these disorders dont become violent especially if they are taking their medication...but even if they dont, they arent always violent. I am not violent. I dont want to have to register someplace and have every person in my area know my psychiatric history. Would you?

    This just bothers me to no end.
  2. Lothlorien

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    That is very scary! They think people with mental illnesses should be on a registry, yet HIPPA laws won't even allow a parent to discuss these illnesses without the child's consent. Just goes to show how ridiculous things are getting.
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911

    You know - I never would wish a bad thing on anyone.....but this Nancy Grace person just needs to be woke up. There are THOUSANDS of children every DAY stolen, molested, raped, killed, missing.....and yet she feels the need to hyperfocus on just TWO cases. You could say she's doing what she can, but I say she's a reporter vieing for sensationalistic journalism.

    All of a sudden the little girl who was supposedly kidnapped in FL with the 17 year old girlfriend and the 21 year old dad who is in a bitter custody battle with former drug abuser mother is just back page mention - if any. Where is THAT little girl? WHere is HER story?

    As far as saying the country needs a registry for mental illness ? I just laughed when I heard that becuase it violates the HIPPA act. If you make it known that a crack head has problems then you'll have to make it known that a Senator has mental problems? This will never fly. EVER. There are more psychopathic, functioning government people working in the US than you can imagine. Not all psychopaths are killers, not all killers are psychopaths.

    But back to the Huckabee woman? I don't think she's mentally ill. I think anyone would have to be temporarily insane to kill someone else, and I've been that mad at points in my life where I blacked out and didn't remember what I'd done. Anger/rage/jealousy are dangerous chemicals to let loose in your body. We're all capable of anything. WE just never know what until we're pushed into a corner.

    But for her? I think it was jealousy. I do not belive she raped the little girl NOR would I exhume her body to find out. Even if she did? It's not going to give her MORE of a sentence than life - or keep her away from children should she ever be paroled....any more than it does keep any petophile away from children. But a conviction of molestation/rape on record WOULD however make her register wherever she went so that if she were EVER to get out of jail? YOu would know where she was. INterestingly enough you can rape a child and have to register - but if you murder a child and get out on probation/parole? You're invisible. That's the only think I can see that the DA would want to get an autopsy report done again - but why didn't they check that the first time? Know what I mean?? SOmeone messed up? No one is saying.

    I watched a little about the parents of the woman who is being considered for a death penalty - George and Cindy. I didn't see them on Oprah - but OMG what a bonehead move for their daughters defense. They are tired and burdened and now portrayed as just plain crazy. Well, I'd be crazy too if I had to relive my gdaughter's death daily and then know that her mother was going to be put to death.

    I guess it just depends on what the media thinks they can achieve. When Steven, his uncle and a friend died in a flaming car crash on Friday the 13th not ONE SINGLE THING was mentioned about it on the news or in the paper....NOTHING.....but yet a day later - one man gets in a down town wreck and pinned his leg.....and the story went on for days. No one from the news even called us back with any reason why three men died in a firey car crash and no one took notice. Im very underwhelmed by the news.

    Besides that - if the DSM says you can't really DEFINE certain mental illenss - how would they ever categorize us? lol......
  4. DammitJanet

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    Oh I believe she may have raped her. See...the problem here is I think there may be more to this story than we may ever know. They have come out with what may have been another possible victim that didnt quite get to actual victimhood. She got caught before she could actually do anything. Kid ended up in ER later that day with some sedative in his/her blood but no one could say definitively where it came from.

    I think it is probable that maybe something went wrong in the actual molesting and that is why sandra was killed. Just my opinion. There may be other kids out there that she offended against that she molested and they havent been found because they werent killed. I know its odd because she is a female but it does happen. I know a girl who was raped by a group of girls. Just as horrible as if it was done by a group of guys.
  5. Abbey

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    My gosh...if they had a mental health required registry, no one would go see a doctor!

    Haven't watched the news, so I don't know the story, but it seems horrific.

  6. Star*

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    OMG she has OTHER victims? Has anyone come forward? Or if they did I guess I wouldn't want the news media to hawk all over my child either.

    In a situation like this its very easy to dismiss that she was also abused at a young age and only focus on the death and rape of a child/children, but the truth is, its ALL just so so sad.
  7. Kjs

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    I had a neighbor man who had custody of his son, then 4 years old. Lived next to us and easy child was 4. he was in the service and came home to surprise his wife/son. He found a wild party going on. his 4 year old straped to a picnic table being totally molested. People putting cigarettes out on his toes....SHE didn't go to jail.

    I followed Casey and Calee Anthony from day one. I read every document that has been published. I cannot even comment.

    Little girl in florida - Where is her story?

    huckaby - I believe the same. Rape, but she fought back and the death may have been an accident trying to molest her. Prison for life !!! Not very bright to put her in a suitcase then report the suit case stolen.

    Register mental illness. never happen. As I was told by difficult child's pediatrician. EVERYONE has anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), anger...etc. It is when it overcomes your life that it becomes an issue.

    I believe in our kids. With parents like can't you.
  8. DDD

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    It's frightening and turns my stomach. I just started a thread about the medication student. Each year it seems harder and harder to tell the good guys from the bad guys/girls. DDD
  9. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

  10. Star*

    Star* call 911

    This is what gets me -

    The only TWO stories that Nancy Grace CONTINUES to cover are basically OVER except for a sentencing. The children are found, and dead.

    She DID have this little girl Haleigh CUmmings on for a while - until they found the body of Sandra. Then all of a sudden - Haleigh no longer mattered to that news anchor.

    My point is - Should this news anchor woman want to do some good? HOW about posting THESE kids......the ones NOT found and plaster THEIR picture all over the television?
  11. rejectedmom

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    It is all horrid and the media is insensitive and sensationalist.

    The registry will never happen because of the existing laws and because it will deter people who really need treatment from getting it. It would be total insanity on the part of the law makers to do this.

    In the case of murders not having to register... they can be put on the national child abuse registry. I think that there should be a violent crime registry. I think that it should be for 10 years and if there are no additional violent offences the person's name should be taken off. I do feel this way even though my difficult child would be on it for hurting me. I think it would give a clear message that violence is not normal or accetable within our society. -RM
  12. donna723

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    In the case of this Huckaby woman, the Sunday School teacher, didn't they say that she has a little girl almost the same age as the one that was murdered? And that her father was the pastor of the church? It would be a scary thing bringing children into the world now. What do you tell them? When mine were little, I felt safe in telling them that they could trust teachers and doctors and policemen, and certainly Sunday School teachers!

    Do you suppose there is more of this going on now or are we just hearing about it more?
  13. KTMom91

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    Since this is "local news" for us, we hear a lot about it. Apparently the woman may have taken another little girl to the park, without her mom's permission, and drugged her. No evidence of any rape, but there is a police report. I believe her daughter is 5 and was one of Sandra's friends. She moved to Tracy to live with her grandparents (the pastor and his wife).

    I think we're just hearing more about these kinds of things. There's always been crimes against people. 100 years ago, they would look for any strangers in town. Now, they look for family members.
  14. Hound dog

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    I agree with you Star. This woman turns my stomach.

    I haven't followed this story, but I've caught bits and pieces of it.
  15. donna723

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    As far as some kind of "mental health registry" ... that will never fly because of the HIPPA laws. Besides all the other very obvious reasons that this is a BAD idea, it would tend to penalize those that were actually being treated! And it would do no good! Who would have ever thought there was any reason to be alarmed about the medical student ... until he started killing people!

    Even in the case of the prison inmates we work with, their mental health diagnoses and anything else about them, like what medications they might be on, is strictly confidential, just like their medical records. Even the staff isn't allowed to have this information unless they have a specific reason to have it. So to have some kind of "registry" of everyone who has ever had mental health issues would never be able to happen.