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    Not the actual story (although I can't say I agree with the way that it was handled), but the comments on this story:

    (Can I post a link?)

    Truthfully, this is something that my son could have done. And the overwhelming majority of comments are people saying "poor parenting" is to blame and that all the girl really needs is a good thrashing and everything will be better.

    I wonder if this is how people view me and my son?
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    I wonder how many commenters have kids? these people commenting sound exactly like my gfgbro did beforre he had a child. he was alllllllll full of how spoiled and disturbed my kdis were because they acted like kids and I didn't stomp their every thought and bit of initiative out of them. but when his daughter was a toddler and beginning to walk, omw what a brat she was! if you told her to come here, she ran the other way - and they thought it was cute! for 2 years they laughed at this and egged it on, and then they did it near a street and if the driver didn't have great reflexes she would have died because she ran into the street. they yelled at the driver, at niece, and at each other for 'causing this'. They even tried to yell at my mom - and for once she took none of it and shut them both down asap.

    other people may think that about our kid or about us, but really they show their own stupidity with statements like these comments..

    whaat I find sad is that the school staff and teacher couldn't handle a kdg age child who was upset. where were they trained to manage kids? Why are they not terribly embarrassed for allowing a 6yo to act that way with-o figuring out how to help her behave properly- isn't that the purpose of kdg?
  3. I just read that and some of the comments as well.

    I think there are always going to be people judging us as parents because they don't know the whole story. I'm sure my difficult child's girlfriend and her parents think we are horrible parents. People who know us think we're amazing parents.

    I heard a quote once - not sure from who but it goes "Other peoples opinion of me is none of my business."

    I just don't care what other people think unless they matter to me and if they do they'll know the whole story and hopefully they will understand the reality of our situation.
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    I can not believe the cops handcuffed a five year old. Seriously. I can not get past that to even think about what people think of this kid who was having a tantrum (I hate to say this, but BIG DEAL!) Hand cuffs? REALLY?

    I am beyond shocked at what those who are supposed to protect us do at times. You do NOT handcuff a FIVE year old. Cripes, what is this world coming to?
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    Is there not an age of legal criminal responsibility in the States? In the UK it is (or was) 10, so no child under that age can be charged.
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    This child wasn't charged. They handcuffed her to "calm" her and transport her to the police station until the parents could be reached.
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    I like this :)
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    I'm not even going to read it. Too many people out there are too judgmental and have no clue about real life.

    Stay strong.