This "may" not be appropriate but Zimmerman trial!

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by DDD, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. DDD

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    Literally as I was getting ready to close the store today the Judge in the Zimmerman case made a decision that the presence of THC in Trayvon Martin's autopsy was admissable. Yeah, I know I have a sick sense of humor but I find that really funny. George Zimmerman has a history with law enforcement and the teenager Trayvon does not. The teen had used pot recently. Hmmm...have any of us had pot using teens who were eager to fight? OR to do a darn thing other than "chill"??? It ended my work day with a quirky smile on my face. I hope that those female jurors (including the older ones) have raised a difficult child or a easy child/difficult child or two. Interesting! :) DDD
  2. PatriotsGirl

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    It is sad. I don't think he will be found guilty, but I don't believe that boy had to die...
  3. Marcie Mac

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    I don't know what having pot has anything to do with anything other than he had skittles on him - if you are stoned its hard to work up anything, let alone anger, other than an appitite for sweets.

    I think he will get off as well. Sad commentary on the justice system

  4. Signorina

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    Not to imply an opinion on Zimmerman, but pot definitely amped up my difficult child. I have never figured out if it was "his stoned" or if it was the high wearing off. Anyway, easily agitated is our first clue. Just sayin'
  5. PatriotsGirl

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    I am sure pot can have an adverse effect on some people, but it is definitely not the norm. It does not usually make people violent or "ramp" them up...usually makes them lazy and hungry...
  6. Signorina

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    Again, not a commentary on the Zimmerman case, but the blood test for marijuana just detects the presence of marijuana but cannot measure the amount the way it can for alcohol or the timing like it can for other drugs. Because THC can remain in the bloodstream for weeks or even a month or more, there is no way of knowing if he was high at the time of his death or if he had used hours or days or weeks beforehand. It will become a real issue as marijuana is legalized and drivers are tested for impairment in DUI or OWI cases.

    Anyway, while pot may have a mellowing affect on many people, agitation is also common when the high wears off. Being high also has an agitating affect on some people, especially people prone to certain types of mental illness. It definitely agitates my difficult child in some form (while high or wearing off?) and I remember a few guys in college who were notorious for becoming out of control while high.

    I don't disagree that it is mellowing for many.
  7. PatriotsGirl

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    And how many teenagers have smoked pot?? That cannot possibly mean anything for this case. And you are correct, it can stay in the urine for 30 days - that should have no bearing on this case.

    I have been watching and I don't think they can prove that it wasn't self-defense. I think that is the problem...just sad.

    I think Zimmerman was a wanna be cop, I think he was trailing Trayvon and so Trayvon felt threatened and therefore reacted which then made Zimmerman felt threatened. Zimmerman should not have been trailing him. The police told him not to. He didn't listen. He should be charged with something but I don't think he will be.
  8. DammitJanet

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    As most can probably imagine I have been watching this case. What case do I not watch? LOL

    There are several things that make me furious with this case. One is that idiot friend of Zimmerman's who likes to run his mouth on the shows. I want to commit bodily harm to him.

    Another thing is that they did blood work on Travon but not on Zimmerman. We know from what Zimmerman has told in interviews that he has been taking medication for ADHD for years AND that he has had several brushes with the law including a protective order with an ex girlfriend.

    As far as pot in your system, blood work can tell amounts in the blood. Travon had something like .15 nanograms. That is an extremely small amount. From what was testified, it meant he "may" have smoked a hit or two a couple of days before the crime but not that day. They never did blood work on Zimmerman so who knows what was in blood.. If he was taking adderal, it can make one a bit irritable, much more often than pot. Especially when it is leaving your system around 7 pm!

    Rebound anyone?

    Then of course we have how it appears the state's witnesses seem to be throwing the case to the defense. I dont think they ever wanted to prosecute Zimmerman and when forced by the Feds, they decided to mess up the evidence just as bad as possible. I can understand one or two mistakes but this many? Crime scene specialists who didnt bag evidence correctly. A medical examiner who claims to have zero (his terms) memory of the autopsy. Cops who snear when they answer the prosecutor but smile at the defense.

  9. witzend

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    Three days later? That's what the blood work implies.
  10. Signorina

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    Seriously? Did my son have bloodwork I never knew about? Or Witz- are you talking about victim's bloodwork? Because I specifically stated I was not referring to the case. Just to my OWN experience with my own child -in fact -I wrote that I never did figure out whether it was being high or some sort of withdrawal. But hey, thanks for circling my words right back to being an opinion on the trial & the victim despite your quoting my very words stating " NOT to imply an opinion on Zimmerman"

    So no, I have no opinion to offer on what the bloodwork in this trial implies.

  11. toughlovin

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    Sig - The thread is about the Zimmerman trial.... so I dont think Scotti was so much referring to your post as the whole thread. And you did state that the blood test for pot only tests its presence not its level. I think some drug tests just test for the presence of the drug, yay or nay, but others are more detailed and check levels.... my guess (but I dont know) is that blood tests check levels where as urine tests dont.
    When my difficult child was home and smoking pot his levels of agitation were also much worse than when he was not....but I think it was when he was coming down from it or didnt have any. I think when high he was calmer.... although to be honest it was hard for me to tell when he was high and when he wasn't. I think because he was high a good part of the time!