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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by prayerful, Nov 20, 2007.

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    ok my son has adhd and he is so <u>hyper</u> he can't sit still he is always moving even in his sleep! but i have tried to allow him to jump and run and skip when he feels the eruge and i watch him to make sure he doesn't hurt himself. but it is wonderful because he get so tired that he goes to bed before bed time.

    but watching him make me tired(lol) :sleeping: i have found that allowing that relaxes him he is more attentive in school and he has placed that engery in a postive way so when he goes to school he has no reason for outburst. gave him exerices schedule and it works the energy is placed and he is more happy. i stop saying sit down because that is when he has a real bad outburst and a bad day in school the next day .

    the energy takes control, but i allow him to take control of the energy and so far he has done well. less behavior issues and he gets the points needed on his behavior chart and his gym teacher says that he allows him to run extra laps and that he has a good day . and i also fix him breakfast no sweets and he takes vitamins with medications in the morning now if i could figure out away to allow him to release this anger i would have a easy child &difficult child !
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    Glad things are going better!!!
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    That sounds like something I should try. M loves sports and does hockey right now. He was doing basketball too which gave him an outlet every single day. But he has since quit B-ball because it was just too much with school homework and Hockey. I should jsut let him go out and run. Thanks for the tip!
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    We got a jogging trampoline which could roll behind a cupboard when not in use. And when difficult child 1 was too full of beans we could send him to do 50 jumps on the trampoline, in his bedroom. This is great, especially in wet weather when you can't send them outside to exercise.