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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by erlag0915, Feb 2, 2012.

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    i am new to this site and have been reading many of your posts..and I want to say Thank you!!! I have a 10 year old daughter who was recently diagnosed with ODD and our lives have been hell for years!!!
    I think the hardest part has been trying to hide what was going on with friends and neighbors and school..( she is an angel the 2nd she walks through the doors to her school).

    Every day is a battle..trying but not succeeding to keep her calm and in a good mood..trying to get her brother and sister to stay away from her so they dont become the "Target" of the moment...and trying to keep myself from screaming back so I don't feed into the chaos. So basically I Kiss her butt 24 hours a day! She has been in therapy for months and she is so good at fooling them that I dont think they know what to do with her anymore! meanwhile..I am ready to pack my bags and ALL know how it is..

    Looking forward to reading about all of your children and maybe getting some tips along the way :)

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    Welcome aboard, Erica. We all felt the same relief when we discovered the CD is wonderful to know that you are not alone and for once are free to share the truth with-o fear of judgement. This is called "A Soft Place To Land" and that is an accurate description. So glad you found us. Hugs DDD
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    Welcome, Erica. I know exactly how you feel. My son is great at school. The teachers love him. Then he comes home to me and, depending on the day, can either be a great kid or a temper tantrum throwing child.

    Who diagnosed your daughter? Did they say anything else other than ODD? Alot of people feel that ODD is a crap diagnosis and that there are other things driving her behavior that are undiagnosed. Is she currently taking any medications to help with her behavior at home?
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    Hi Erica,
    Have you read The Manipulative Child? If not, get a copy NOW. It may tick you off at first, but it won't take long b4 you agree with-it. One reason we allow our kids to manipulate us is because they are so capable of outlasting us verbally and physically. You have to be prepared to set limits and boundaries, and then prepare to do battle. (Choose your battles wisely, though. I've taken my son to school in PJs, but he is not allowed to hit the dog.)
    Our therapist gave me a plan for deliberately upsetting my difficult child's routine, to get him used to dealing with-change, transition and stress. Whoah, can that kid yell! The only thing that saved my mind was knowing that it was temporary and knowing that I had caused it, rather than having it happen by chance and not having a clue as to what was going on.
    He is MUCH better now. I just wish I weren't the one who had to do all the hard stuff when he was little. :(
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    Hi and welcome. I have an equal opportunity terrorist living with me (kidding, but he really does spread the wealth) but it is really common for that to happen. I can only imagine how totally frustrating because they just dont get it outside of your home.

    I hope you post more and we will all get to know you!
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    :bigsmile:I have an equal opportunity terrorist living with me
  7. buddy

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    I know Terry, aren't we just sooo blessed??
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    Welcome aboard, some kids are great manipulators like that, you'll find kindred souls here.