This song made me laugh...

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    (especially for anyone who has tried to free Barbie from her box)
    Toy Packaging
    By Sara Groves and Ben Shive

    Nothing makes me lose my cool like
    Toy packaging
    Ask the kids to leave the room for
    Toy packaging

    I have no choice the money's spent
    I've worked for hours to make a dent
    I guess it's anger management
    Toy packaging

    Nothing makes me lose my cool like
    Toy packaging
    Ask the kids, please, leave the room
    It's time for toy packaging

    I'm drawing up a paddle plan
    To extricate this Robot man
    My self-esteem is in the can
    Toy packaging

    In the old days you could hold a box and shake it
    Hear the pieces rattling around
    My eyes tear up at these grommets, tape and twisty ties
    Remembering that beautiful sound

    Toy packaging
    I love toy packaging

    Nothing makes me lose my cool like
    Toy packaging
    Kids, you really need to leave the room
    Mom's opening toy packaging

    I'm sorry you have to see this sight
    You must be brave, no, please don't cry
    I promise it will be alright
    I hope to have it by tonight
    Never mind this dynamite
    Toy packaging
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    Very cute...I remember those days! easy child and I were just talking about the time we went to the pediatrician because she really wanted her ears pierced. She was about 7, and I warned her it would hurt a lot. Well, she was so brave, it all happened so fast, but she didn't cry. Afterwards, we went to Toys R Us and I let her pick a toy. Pocahontas had just come out in the movies, and easy child pronounced it "Pocahontu" - she got a HUGE Pocahontas doll, almost as tall as she was. It took about 15 minutes to get through the plastic clamshell, twist ties and tape to finally hold that doll.
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    I hate packaging... Used to be 5,621 twist ties per box, and they were taped TO the box, plus rubber bands. Now it's cable ties. TEENSY cable ties. I bought $4 of toys for Meggie today and had to get the wire cutters because the scissors weren't pointy enough to get through the cable ties. BAH! And those twist ties and rubber bands are lethal to cats - who love them. I had to chase the kids around every Christmas. UGH.
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    Thats awesome!!!!!!
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    *tip* Jewelry wire cutters do an amazing job on those darn twist ties. :)

    I hate toy packaging. Well.......that said........I hate just about any sort of packaging.

    Tried to open a jar of jelly for the grandsons yesterday. It should not be rocket science to open a jar of jelly. It took me 15 mins of cursing, but I managed to get through the safety seal. Remember way back when you could just "open" your food without trying to figure out how to get past all the stupid safety devices? ugh
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    Lisa, there are safety instructions on toothpicks.
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    Love the song!! I hate the packaging on many things. Are we not supposed to worry about our carbon footprint??? how in Heck does that translate to those cable ties, twistie ties, and plastic non-recyclable clamshell packaging??? I can figure out how to reuse a LOT of stuff. But used cable ties?? Most clamshell packaging? NONE of that is reusable OR recyclable.

    As for the safety seals, dont' get me started. our pharmacy uses this uber cheap lid that is 2 pieces. THe child safe part only works if the inner plastic doohickey is there AND is the right size AND works properly. otherwise you turn the cap over and it isn't child safe. Not a big deal in my house, where from the age of 2 the kids could open the thngs anyway. the problem with this non-safe lid is that if you gently squeeze, meaning brush up against or put it anywhere within an inch of anything that would touch it, the top just pops off. Sure it screws on, and is supposed to screw off. But reality is that it just pops off and when you have it in your purse and this is the only way it will close? You end up iwth a lot of loose pills in your purse.

    TWICE we have picked up prescriptions and had the tops come off in the bag. I was left to sort and count four different types of pills - over 100 of each! Talk about unsafe!

    They put safety warnings on too many things. I remember when I first saw the warning on fruit rollups to remove the plastic before eating. I was in the other college town in my state and the rollups we got at the vending machine had that warning. We thought it was a real sign of the quality of education at that univ, lol!

    I have yet to see a child who was stymed by a child safe lid. I have yet to find many adults who are not. Makes you wonder who they test these products on, Know what I mean??