this time, the shooting was at MY mall, and PCs boyfriend was there

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    returning something for easy child while she is lil brother works there, and so does my brother in law.

    I keep trying to forget all these things aare happening all over around me, but..more just keeps happening.
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    How scary! Is that the one where the guy was shot in the chest outside the mall, then went inside for help? There isn't a whole lot of info on it right now.

    Just when you think it can't happen in your neighborhood, it does. A few weeks ago in our town of 70,000 which hasn't had a violent crime in years, a father shot his family of five (wife, two daughters, son, stepson), killing four of them, then turned the gun on himself. Only his 14yo stepson survived. No history of mental illness -- people say he just snapped because of financial pressures and losing his job.
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    Our town here and the town with the mall are much smaller than your town.....but yup- I am pretty sure you are talking about the same one as me.....I went to, but no names were given. I had a scary time while waiting to hear back from PCs boyfriend!
    My youngest bro is that age, BUT.....I am semiconfident that if it were him, someone would have notified me by now? Maybe? (he is our only sibling with his last name, lives alone, and parents are already deceased)
    Spring break here right now......everyone goes to that mall. It is the closet mall to me. ANd it is a big mall, and a popular one.

    The other mall we go to for big shopping had a bomb sacre a couple years ago at christmastime.....the mall me and my little guy spend a LOT of time in is where the lane bryant shootings happened.....and a couple weeks ago we were at a mall near VA in front at a stoplite and the mall blew up (it was a small strip mall) from a gas leak.

    Add in NIU to it all......becuz thats where all difficult child and PCs friends go and where my bro goes and so many people I know work there, etc.....

    I am getting more than a little freaked out.

    The Browns Chicken Murders happened - my friends son was a victim....thats where me and husband got the food for our wedding.And the Fox River Grove train/bus accident - a coworker of mine moonlighted driving the a sub driver.....I drive past that very very often......And the tylenol tamperings, I was waitressing, waiting on the paramedics who were answering all those calls that day.....some of the victims were customers of mine. This plane crash happened by Ohare in ? 70s? The trailer park there, my 2 best friends parents lived right first noone was very clear if the plane hit their trailer homes-so we sat glued to the TV to get word of their parents......

    Just when I think enough has happened so close to me......and just when I think there is enough tragedy out there......and just when I convince myself I WILL go out to the mall or where ever, after all, in spite of it all---something else happens.
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    when I was in my teens and 20s I lived in some very bad neighborhoods, and those things were commonplace in the apartments I lived in then. I was not in a city, - was out in burbs, but in the worst parts of the burbs.

    When me and son go to RMH where he sees his eye surgeon at the is a scary not good neighborhood. And where difficult child saw her psychiatrist for years, is next door to the old Cook County Hospital. Also not a great neighborhood, altho there are worse. When we go to RMH, they remind us OFTEN to be VERY careful transversing across the parking lot, and a few times, there were shootings right there....AT th time of one of my sons surgeries- we were at a different hospital in a different neighborhood (due to scheduling problems for eye doctor and OR) and that neighborhood had a whole bunch of 10 and 11 yr olds at that time get shot and killed....all within like 2 weeks or was freaking me out becuz I was alone there with my son, hospital would not admit him, but also would not cler him to make the 5 hour trip home, either. And that was before I was on my better medications for my I was not walking great, and my 11 yr old son was not even coherant... it was REALLY scary.
    I grew up around violence.....lots of extreme family violence.....but for some reason it bothers me more when it is this kind of stuff, like college shootings and mall shootings etc.
    But the other things, too, are getting to the strip mall that blew up----it was a violent incident, but, a peson did not DO that.....altho, I have also been close to other similar explosions, too. As a teen, I lived in an apartment where it was several buildings VERY close together. My friends teased me, cuz one day the bldg next to ours blew up-------bad......and I was sleeping just a few feet from it and never even woke.
    Later when I lived in the really bad apartment complex, it was a very large 2 years 3 of the very large buildings burned down, 1 exploded and 2 had massive fires. I think the whole complex began with 30 bldgs? and each bldg had like 100 units in it? ALL very close together.

    Now my neighbor across the street, a few weeks ago he got arrested for killing his baby....and last week he had his THIRD arson fire in his home.....(he was in custody dureing that last fire, tho)
    BUT I no longer live in apartments, and I do not live in a rental area. I do not live in a commercial area.

    Our HS is next door to our psychiatric hospital. A couple years ago, someone went into the Phsop and threw gas on the receptionist and lit her on fire. :-( Right next door to the HS. Dureing the school day.

    I hold my breathe, our county courthouses and county jail, TB clinic and morgue etc are across 2 lane street from the middle school, elem school and early learning center. And our HS next door to psychiatric hospital. Brilliant.
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    My daughter is still struggling with the NIU shootings. She should have been in class that day in the same building, but slept in. Guess there is a blessing in that part of being lazy. She is still afraid to go to class. I told her, bad things happen all over. You can't pick these days or locations where they are going to happen. You just have to live life and hope you come out alive. That is a sad, sad statement.

    Fortunately, all the students are offered tons of counseling. She is taking advantage of this. I don't think there is a lot of teaching going on right now....just help.