This Tony/Buck thing is driving me nuts again.

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    What is it about this being MY house does Tony not understand? Twice now he has had Buck in the living room when I have no clue he is here and I go wandering out to the kitchen in nothing but a Tee shirt and my depends and there is Buck sitting on the couch! The first time was Sunday when I was laying in bed sick as a dog and I thought the only people here were Tony and I. There was no reason for me to think Buck would have been here. I knew Tony took him to church but I assumed he took him home when he went to get me some ginger ale. Then today I woke up about 11 o clock and Tony was home. He came in my room saying that the van had broken down on the way to work. Okay. He goes back out to the living room. A few minutes later I get up to go out to get some soda and there is Buck in my living room again! Did Tony let me know? Again no. I was like..GET OUT NOW. I was too dang sick to even care.

    I have been so sick all weekend and Tony has done nothing to help out around the house. Its a pigstye. He didnt clean up at all around here today. I begged him to do a few things for me today and instead of doing them he left the house and was gone all afternoon. Oh he had to take Buck to get the written portion of his drivers license done. Yippee. finally passed it after 5 tries. So now he has a learners permit...lmao.

    Tonite after Billy came home, Tony hands Billy his sterling silver ring that we gave him last year for his birthday and tells him that Buck found it today in Tony's truck. Now Tony is trying to say that Billy wore it yesterday when they went out to eat last night. Billy hardly wears his ring. Mostly he keeps it on his desk or sometimes he puts it on his keychain. He knows he didnt wear it on Monday because he didnt go to work so he didnt get all dressed up. I saw the ring on Billys desk on Saturday when I went in there to get some headache medications. Now We know Buck was there with only Tony on Sunday but I dont know if Buck even knows about the ring....I mean Billy's finger is big but I have no idea if Buck has ever seen him wear it. But I do know that Buck got his chain at the same place as I got Billy's ring so Tony may have said something like that...oh Buck...thats where Janet got Billy's ring.

    ORRRR.....Tony could have taken the ring himself and given it back in front of both Billy and I so he could say...see there...Buck isnt taking any of these things you think he has been taking!

    I am leaning on this one with the ring because I think he has asked Buck about some of the my xanax pills and the frame...and now Tony is missing a ton of shirts and Billy lost an entire package of unopened white tee shirts. This stuff isnt Cory. Cory doesnt do laundry here anymore. Cory might take a pack of steaks. He might take some TP.

    I think Tony is trying to cover for Buck.
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    Orrrr........Tony is having the light dawn but is having trouble eating crow.

    I wonder if Buck did take the ring.........and somehow Tony discovered it. Then had to come up with a way to get it back to Billy and save face. (because he didn't have a clue if you or Billy had discovered it missing) Possible.

    It's catching up with him and he can't stay in denial forever. (or else he might be naked at the rate his clothes are walking off lol ) And Mr. Buckaroo will continue to be sticky fingers because he's getting away with his twisted little mind. You know, bro is covering for me so he's not ever going to do anything about it. And he's going to continue to push the limits until Tony finally has enough and blows on him major.

    I have a strong feeling this is probably the same routine that has been done on the other sibs. It just didn't take them as long to catch on. Tony may be taking longer because he feels he's the last family member who'll bother to help Buck, therefore leaving him alone.

    As for Buck in the livingroom. I think I'd invest in a water gun. One of those super soaker deals........and let him have it when suddenly there when you come out of the bedroom. LOL Ok, probably a bad idea, but you'd have to admit it would be funny.
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    Again, I'm the Lone Ranger(ess) because my first and only reaction would be "WTF?!?!?! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE DAMMIT, AND STAY OUT!!! TONY! KNOCK IT OFF ALREADY!" and then some. Enough is enough.

    Were things missing before Buck came to town? At this rate? Since Cory moved and out and hasn't done his laundry? It's all just BS.
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    Time for a safe.....for any jewelry, pills....and......CLOTHES??? When you have to start locking up your clothes. It's time to get to Bucks house and take a little inventory.