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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by witzend, Mar 26, 2009.

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    I decided that we just didn't really need Brinks to monitor our alarm system anymore. We hardly use it. So, I called them today to cancel. They asked why, and I told them it just wasn't in the budget. I told them we didn't always use it, and I didn't know when it would be back in the budget. She offered to cut the bill in half for six months, and I told her we would do that. She said that we could revisit it in six months. Cool!
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    That ROCKS.

    Of course my alarm system has 4 legs, sharp teeth, and fur.........

    But still, if I had them, I'd be calling them up to see if I could get the same deal. :D
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    She was trained well, half the payment was better than none and it is a savings for you! Now aren't you glad she asked?
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    I am glad that she asked! I'm glad that I asked as well! ;) Daisy, I have that type of alarm, as well. I got the Brinks after I had some remodeling done and Bubba could care less about a bunch of strangers walking through the house when I wasn't there. He did make a big fuss about them when I was home and they did it. But, after having to write a letter to a judge asking that he not jail my contractor so he could finish the work, I decided to make a big show of installing an alarm system as part of the remodel and made sure all the workers knew about it. :p
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    witz, that's good to know. It's been advised, with kt & all her issues, to have an alarm system installed. I've been hesitant due to the add'l costs & such.
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    Good to know

    Good 4 you!