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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by klmno, Jan 11, 2009.

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    I had neuropsychologist testing done on difficult child 3 years ago when he first started exhibiting difficult child issues. No Learning Disability (LD) showed up in the traditional sense of the word, but things typical for BiPolar (BP) showed up, including memory, executive functioning, borderline adhd, something about processing I think, but I don't remember that one for sure.

    Anyway, he's moving to high school in the fall and he''s due for his triennial re-evaluation and transition planning. Also, we might be looking at Residential Treatment Center (RTC) placement VERY soon. I can't afford to have testing done privately again until after this school year is over, at least.

    Would you recommend me asking the school to do testing so we can get it done before the school year is over? Can I ask (and expect) them to do more thorough testing than their typical adhd testing given that there is more than enough reason to believe it is needed?
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    Since it's been 3 years since the neuropsychologist testing has been done, it's no longer valid for the purposes of IEP evaluations. I would recommend having the school do the testing now. The school must evaluate in all areas of suspected disability, including psychological, but unfortunately, I don't think you can expect it to be as thorough as a private neuropsychologist evaluation. That said, when you request the testing (in writing), I would suggest specifying the areas of suspected disability you would expect to be assessed.
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    Thanks, SW! Siince his triennial evaluation is sscheduled for about 10 days from now, if I get that request in this week, will it pose a problem? Does it have to be completed (the testing) prior to the evaluation?
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    I would call his case manager before the meeting.
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    This is the 3 yr evaluation required by the Feds. It should be done in accordance with-the same rules and regulations as the initial evaluation.

    Yes, put the request in writing, send it CM.