Thoughts, prayers, good juju please for easy child

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    Apparently there is unrest and Muslim rebels in the area where easy child is staying in Ghana. It began last night - here are two articles that explain (this is NOT what the locals told easy child and her friend was the cause!!):

    I'm praying that things settle down and she can finish her time there and then get the heck outta there!!!

    They arrived at the school this morning just as the reports broke. They were escorted back to their hotel, which is only a ten minute drive from the unrest, and are under lockdown. The hotel is sort of like a small compound with cement walls and gates, which are all locked. I've signed up with the Embassy to receive reports should an evacuation be necessary, but as of right now the local police are supposedly handling things. The Ghanian government has not become involved and most do not think they will. The girls are about 4 hours by car way from the capital where the embassy is and the airport.

    My insides are shaking.
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    Sending good thoughts and prayers Jo.
    Please keep us posted.
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    Good lord did you see the comments at the bottom of that second article? Sigh. And we think we have it bad here? Shaking my head. I hope she can get home like yesterday.
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    Good thoughts and prayers going out to you and easy child.
  5. hearts and roses

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    I did Janet! Not good to read all that from 5,000 miles away, is it? easy child is angry with me for calling her friend's mom, but I called her to hear her take on it, not to freak her out. Yeesh - 24 and she still doesn't realize we worry. I sent her all the information I could in regards to contacting the embassy there in case of evacuation. Hopefully, the police will be able to subdue those involved for now and then easy child and her friend can leave peacefully...earlier than planned hopefully!
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    Thats why I dont think I could ever go places like that. Well among other things. When you said she was going there the things that went through my mind was "lions, tigers and snakes...Oh MY!"
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    Good juju for an easy trip home for easy child. My insides would be shaking too and I can totally understand your worry.
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    Prayers for the safety of all involved. Wish I could be there with u as u begin ur vigil.
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    I am praying. I am sorry that this has happened. I hope your daughter makes it home safe and sound and soon.
  11. hearts and roses

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    Thanks everyone. I was able to reach the embassy and give them all of easy child's information. She said they were able to register on line as well. A curfew has been imposed from 6PM to 6 AM to prevent any nighttime melees. I hope that helps. Also, their intelligence is saying that things may get worse before they get better so I'm hoping that tomorrow we can find a way to convince easy child and her friend to come home asap - sooner than expected. I'd rather have her mad at me for that and safe than the alternative!
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    Sending good thoughts and praying hard for her safety.

  13. hearts and roses

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    Well, I received a text from easy child at 4:30 am this morning telling me that she received a call from the embassy in Accra. So I asked how things were this morning. She said the riots had ceased and they drove through town in a taxi and all the buildings were a mess and some burned down and people were cleaning up the streets. There is still tension and I do not think she realizes the seriousness of her being one of two white girls traveling alone in Ghana, without the security of traveling under the umbrella of a group or organization. When I told the embassy deputy that they were traveling on their own, his concern was very obvious. So her next text was to tell me "no more calls to the embassy. If you have questions, call me"....hahahaha, as if she has a freaking clue. I'm so angry with her but I refuse to take her bait. I'm not responding to her until later if at all.

    Thanks for the thoughts and prayers, please continue as she is not out of danger until she's back on US soil. They don't realize how different things a in other countries. She referred to the local police as soldiers...because they were walking around in flack jackets and Uzis. Hello? That's how the police dress there! Anyway...
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    Adding in my prayers.
  15. tiredmommy

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    Sending good thoughts. I hope someone from the embassy or government shows up and escorts them out and to a waiting plane.
  16. hearts and roses

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    The deputy said that they are a long way from suggesting evacuations and that is the only time anyone would come for them. If they advise non citizens to leave the area, those people are on their own in terms of finding transportation to Accra, which is where the airport is and that's four hours by car. So, not feeling much better than yesterday about any of this. The only consolation is that I have a contact at the us embassy now and they have all of pcs information.

    I did make her purchase a travel policy through aaa so if there were an emergency the policy would cover up to $50,000 in emergency evacuation and travel. Hopefully it won't come to that and my daughter will use her head and move her flight up to come home earlier. Thanks again.
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    I can't even imagine the worry you must have! Crossing body parts!

    Tell me....I must have missed something or just forgot....why is she there?
  18. hearts and roses

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    Loth, she and her friend traveled there to volunteer teaching at an orphanage. They are traveling just the two of them, not with a group or organization, which was concerning for us to begin with.
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    Adding in my hugs and prayers.
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    Sending up prayers.