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    Weeburt is 18 today. Phew..... LOL. He's a funny kid - not happy at all to be an "adult." When his 4th birthday was approaching, he decided adamantly that he was not going to turn 4. No reason, just.... not happening. Even the thought of gifts and cake (an Arthur cake - remember him?) couldn't get him interested. Probably one of the few tantrums he ever had. I think if he could, he'd tantrum over this birthday too.

    He's my easiest kid, and probably the one I worry about the most. He's incredibly stoic and I really don't know what goes on in his mind, but he's sweet and loving and has a wicked sense of humor. And he puts up with my concern and worry and general hovering with extreme grace.

    He's done really well in school, has racked up a ton of honors (all with zero effort - ugh), and will be heading off to a very good engineering school this fall. Not MIT, which has been my dream for him since he was 8, but.... his choice.

    Favorite Weeburt story: We went to the zoo when he was 4. A friend of mine met us there, and we strolled around looking at the animals. Except for Weeburt, who stomped along the paths and muttered the *entire* day, "I just don't have time for this, I just *don't* have time for this." My friend finally looked at me and said, "What? He's got an important business meeting?!?!?" He's hated the zoo ever since. I have no clue why.

    Happy birthday to my Weeburt.:bdayiggy:
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    Happy Birthday, Weeburt!!!!!:gifts: Love the zoo story. by the way, my easy child/difficult child hates that she is an adult-19 and still not happy about it.
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    Oh wow...18! Gosh how time flies. And I remember the zoo Happy Birthday to Weeburt. You have done well mom.
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    Awww...Happy birthday to Wee!
  5. JJJ

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    Happy Birthday Weebert!

    How far away is he going for college? Will he be bringing his laundry home every weekend?
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    OMG Sue - 18?? 18?? Happy Birthday Weebert

    Where has the time gone..

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    Oh wow Happy Birthday to your son! I don't find his reaction startling at all I cried when I turned twenty. When asked why I told them because I would never be a kid again.
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    RM... you just didn't understand that you DO get to be a kid again. It's called your "second childhood", a.k.a. old age...
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    Happy Birthday, Weeburt!

    I have a cousin who also refused to turn 4. 4yo's are big boys and big boys have to pick up toys and do other things and wipe their own tushies. He just said he wasn't doing any of htat so he would stay 3.

    on the other hand, Wiz could not WAIT to turn 12. I used to tell him that of course he could do x or y - when he is 12. It was pretty funny because by 12 he wasn't interested in most of it.

    13 was a shock though. Esp after I told him he could do something when he was 12. He told me he already was 12. Nope, you are 13. You have to be 12 to do that, so you are out of luck until you are 12 again.

    He sputtered a LOT over that. Of course I was joking and he understood that later. He actually used the same thing on Jess a while back, lol!

    I hope this is the start of a wonderful year for him!