Three hour mtg ~ making some progress

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, Jan 30, 2009.

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    I had 7 SWs sitting about my kitchen island Tuesday afternoon, along with a couple of PCAs & one potential Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker.

    It was a long work in progress; before husband got ill & passed away, before our cabin adventures. I'd been attempting to get the same Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) agency that works with wm to start working again with kt. For a year they declared it was a "conflict of interest" to treat the twins. After 2 year of working with wm, this agency began seeing my point. You can't work/talk/whatever with wm with-o kt coming up in any conversation. And the reverse.

    It's finally happened ~ I'm dealing with one less agency. The Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) treatment lead for wm will also be the lead for kt. The in home tdocs will work together to rework the risk management plans to integrate visits, & other very specialized work dealing with past abuse & the need to overcome some pretty large obstacles & learn new skills.

    The mtg lasted 3 hours & everyone left feeling light hearted; like we had all made good decisions on behalf of my tweedles. I cannot think of one thing we overlooked. One circumstance that may blow up into a rage or meltdown. One trigger that results in potential dissociation or hospitalization.

    And while I had been feeling pretty good about the progress kt & wm have made ~ it hit me hard how much more they have to overcome. It was like a slap in the face.
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    They do have so much to overcome but have come so far! You are one amazing warrior mom and I'm so glad you now have one less agency to work with! :)
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    Linda, I'm amazed at your strength. (((Hugs)))
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    What an amazing report. I am so glad that everyone was on the same page with the tweedles, finally......and that all parties could leave feeling as if they were in agreement. It must be amazingly hard with siblings that are physically apart to accomplish this, but you have done it!

    I know the future looks ominous when you really think about it in detail - but try for now - to just focus on the present. The tweedles are doing really well considering a tragic, life altering event - that is unbelievable progress.

    Again, so glad that everyone was in agreement on how to proceed!
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    sounds like a great meeting.

    Remember friend, life is a journey. Your kt and wm may very well have a way to go, but oh, how far they've come!

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    One less agency is a good thing. It can help streamline things and integrate the therapy they are getting.

    I am glad it ended on a lighthearted note, that alone is an accomplishment.

    While the tweedles have a long road ahead, they have also come so very far. It truly brings tears to my eyes when I think about where they were before they came into your life, where you started. And to think that they have each made progress is just amazing. So many children who experienced the kind of abuses they endured don't make it this far.

    There is a long road ahead, but you will all make it together, and it will be filled with love.


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    Linda, despite the uphill climb, this is a positive development. BRAVO!!!!!