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    I actually managed to get a shower this morning, get my almost waist length hair mostly dry and go over to my parents with the kids.

    My dad picked us up because my car isn't starting. He took me to go get some samples from the doctor for husband. Then I lasted 3 whole hours visiting with my mom, dad, kids, niece and exSIL. Niece was sick and her mom had to work so she was there. The kids had a blast.

    All was good with my mom and dad - no conflama. My mom said she was sorry she was so rough on the phone but she was really scared I was holed up sick and not letting anyone know how bad it was. She knows me too well.

    We hugged, got teary, and then had a great visit. She made scones and dad bought pizzolis from Pizza Hut. I had to leave before dessert, but it was still a good visit.

    I had a really GOOD belated father's day with my family. Dad was so funny about his coconut stuff. Mom had taken a spoonful when no one else was looking. Quality control, you know. Then Dad shooed all the kids out of the kitchen. He turned around, lifted the foil and used his clean hands to scoop out a bite. It was really cute. I will be surprised if there is any left after dessert time!

    Jess also made chocolate cake from scratch using a Joy of Cooking recipe. It is awesome!

    This makes me realize how much I have missed out on with the family lately. Gives me motivation to get through the problems.

    Hugs to all of you, it is now nap time for Susie!

    PS. The coconut dish is called coconut macaroon but is not little cookies. It is made in a dish. The recipe is from a book called Dessert in Half The Time. It calls for mixing the dry ingredients in the food processor. I tried it with a whisk instead of the machine and it was even better. You mix all but the coconut together, put it in the baking dish and then dump the coconut on top and push it down so it is submerged. Then it is baked and I am told it is heavenly. I was so PROUD of Jessie - this was the first time she had ever done it.

    If there are any coconut lovers here I can post the recipe.
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  2. mistmouse

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    I'm a coconut lover and would love the recipe.

    Congrats on lasting 3 hours and having a great visit.

  3. ML

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    I want it Susie! I am so glad you had a nice visit. I am also glad to hear you feel motivated to work out problems. xox ML
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    Susie I'm glad the whole father's day thing got cleared up and smoothed over with no drama. Sounds like you all had a lovely time. :D

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    i am glad you had a good visit with your family. I love coconut, the dessert sounds delicious.
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    Sounds like a great visit!! I'm glad it was such a good one!