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  1. ML

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    Has anyone tried this product? I suspect yeast has a lot to do with difficult child's issues and I also think for me. I just purchased a two month supply that I am going to try it myself and if it works I may try him on it as well.

    Just wondering if anyone is familar with this product. Thank you!
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    I haven't heard of it. I started my son on "Attend" before Thanksgiving and it is working for him.
    I only give it to him during the school week. Had to buy a new bottle today. It's 38.95 for 60 capsules. That may not be a lot to others but it is to me. If it continues to work I will buy a truck load!!

    Is it capsule or liquid? Is it expensive? Let me know how it works.
  3. ML

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    Thanks for your response, HM. It's not cheap. It's about $100 for about two months. I've decided to give it the 2 months and then ease off into more affordable treatments like simple acidopholis, EFAs, supplements, lecithen, etc. I'm glad the attend is working! Hugs, ML