Thrift Store Finds - and husband CANNOT Fuss!

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    husband and I went to the thrift stores this afternoon. I was looking for a couple of things and he was along for the ride. We started at Goodwill and spent $75! I have NEVER spent that much there before. husband got a jacket that is brand new, Columbia brand, and it was only $20. He also got three shirts and a nice Fossil belt. We got a pair of pants for thank you and a shirt for thank you, a jacket and a pair of plush sleep pants for Jess. Her jacket is more for fashion, but it is her favorite color.The pants will be great for Christmas and in the summer will be shortened because we are going to 'lose' the plush ones she has now because they are so short she hangs out the back and they were supposed to be worn under a long nightshirt and they are not being worn that way. I dont' care it if is the 'style' or not. I did get a jacket and two skirts, all of them wool, for under ten bucks and those will be shrunk and used for a project. If you shrink wool sweaters or pants/jackets, the fabric can be cut and used like felt to do all sorts of things. I have a wreath ornament and a cup sleeve pattern taht I will use these for!

    I found 3 books at Goodwill also, and a round metal pan that I think is supposed to be for serving. It is nice and heavy and will be an awesome pizza pan.

    Then we went to the local hospice's thrift store. I got a book on cassette that is funny and taken from a newspaper column written in 1916. My dad will LOVE this for Xmas. I got a book on cd by an author Jess loves (together they were a dollar!), two helpful hint type books, which are always a good xmas gift in my family. I found 2 shirts for thank you for fifty cents each, and two that are nice fabric and will be great for a project so the small stains are not a problem - and they were fifty cents too. The best thing I got there? A big piece of zweigart cross stitch linen in a wonderful blue color. It is 21 by 10 inches, and last time I was at the cross stitch store this exact fabric was 15 cents per square inch. Not linear inch, square inch. This would be $31.50 if I bought it at the cross stitch store!! I know it is the same because I have lusted over this fabric more than a few times!!

    Happy Stitching to me, Happy Stitching to me, lol!

    Then we went to the grocery and got 11 pounds of boneless sirloin beef because it was on sale for $3 per pound. I did have them cut it into steaks for us, and those are in the freezer in the 2 gallon ziploc bags I found. Plus they had Pace salsa for less than we can buy the store brand at Walmart. We had to buy a gallon, but that means I won't have to buy more for at least 2 weeks. Seriously, husband and thank you will eat it all in 2 weeks.

    THEN we did one fast stop before we went home. A store near us does closeouts and I wanted husband to look at 3 things. They had a folding shelf unit for $15 that will fit into our pantry. Our pantry has no shelves on the bottom half, which is very impractical. They also had those units that add storage to the bathroom by providing shelves above the toilet. The one we got was from a home store closeout. It was sixty at the home store so it was thirty bucks for us. I got a rolling shopping cart/bag thing that has a fold down seat. My mom had one when we were little because we only had one car. We would use it if we walked to the grocery for more than 1-2 items. We are going to use this one to get laundry to the laundry room here. Jess has had a tough time carrying baskets, but she can use this with ease! No more excuses!!

    That was our big trip today. I still have to run to CVS because husband needs vitamins, but other than that we are set for a looooooong time. Esp because we got a whole pork loin on Tues and cooked it Wed in the crock pot. It is in bags in the freezer. We got 10 lb of ground beef for $16.90 then also, and part of that is frozen in patties and part got cooked and frozen. Plus we got ten pounds of boneless chicken breasts for $15.90 yesterday. It took a couple trips to the grocery, but they had this awesome sale at the IGA and I was not going to miss out. Not when beef is almost never below $3.59/lb here and chicken is rarely under $4 for boneless skinless breasts.

    I problem won't have to buy meat until Jan or Feb!! husband was a bit shocked at all the meat we bought, but he realizes that it will help our budget for several months.

    Now I am all shopped out, lol!
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    Wow! I love it. You saved a ton and you have something you lusted after as well. Have fun doing your project!
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    I forgot to mention 2 items. One is an antique 3 strand necklace that looks like some sort of iridescent shell and gold glass beads. The other is a Liz Claiborne leather purse that is HUGE - big enough for me to put clothes for an overnight or to get all the snacks we can eat into the movie theater!

    husband cannot fuss because the items for him cost more than the rest! Usually eh fusses because I spend 'too much money', but I dont' go to thrift stores often. maybe once every other month or so.
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    Susie, I would be lusting over that Zweigart linen, too! That's a great find!! I'm so happy for you!
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    How wonderful that you and husband shared such a rich experience. I'm happy for you...and a little envious. Hugs DDD
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    Way To Go Susie!!!

    Absolutely LOVE those finds!!

    The girls and I have been having a bit of luck lately too. Well, actually, I'd call it the motherlode just due to the volume alone. easy child doesn't do quite as well because she "scans" the Goodwill or other thrift stores. I'm not a scanner, I'm a digger. Nichole learned to dig for treasures along with me. easy child usually doesn't want to take the time to dig, but even she has come up with some good finds recently.

    Last weekend Nichole went to our (20 miles from each of us, in the middle of our two towns) Goodwill. She hit paydirt and wasn't shy about it. She's setting up an actual daycare and needed toys ect for it. Turns out our GW had several FP farm sets and some of the other sets for 1.99 each. People/animals were packaged separate for .99 cents. For for 3 bucks she got several 30.00 FP playsets that look like they just came out of the box! And she got a ton of other things I can't remember because of our shopping trip today. lol She got an animated Santa (vintage, lovely) for 5.00, a FP zoo set, some more sets to add on to the ones she bought last week, lots of books to give as gifts, a sweater for Aubrey. Shoot........I picked up a FP farm set. No people/animals but those are easy to pick up cheap at any yard sale ect. Two lovely top brand sweaters for Travis, Gymbarie (very very expensive high quality brand) sweaters for Alex and Evan that look as if they were never worn, gorgeous winter boots for Kayla, a beautiful white shawl for Kayla, and a lovely lilac winter jacket with sparkle snowflakes on it for her too. Picked up a really lovely gymbarie embroidered sweater for Aubrey. I also picked up 4 picture frames, and quite a few books for the grands. Turned out those Gymbarie (sp) sweaters usually run 50.00 and up in stores.......I paid a dollar for them!! And like I said, they don't look as if they were worn.

    Nichole and I spent 2 1/2 hrs in GW lol. Our carts were overflowing when we left. So much so that customers walking into the store asked if they had really good deals. We said sure as long as you're willing to hunt for them. :)

    Thanks to GW............most of my xmas shopping is finished. So far the grand total I've spent is like 50.00. lol (I'm not complaining a bit either)
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    You got some awesome deals! Gymboree is one of VERY few mall stores that I will shop at. Only at their sales or with giftcards but they have awesome sales, or did when my kids were little. We had a gymboree outfit that Wiz almost lived in for 18 mos. I kept it as one of very few outfits I didn't loan to relatives when they had little ones. Jess wore it for almost a year, again it was worn at least once a week, more if it was clean. Then thank you wore it for 2 1/2 years! My boys grew quite slowly as toddlers, so they wore some thngs for a long time.

    After thank you outgrew it, it went to a friend's little boy. My friend was SHOCKED to learn that it had been worn and worn HARD for 5 years. It still looked almost new. I don't know how because the kids were NOT gentle on it.

    So those sweaters? A TOTAL steal!

    Have you seen the Ahh Bras? They are an as seen on tv thing. They are similar to the Spanx Bra-llelujah, but not has heavy duty in materials or construction. I got 3 of them for $9.88 at the close out place here. Jess wanted to try them, and they are twenty bucks at our walmart. She LOVES them for sleep brash. She is top heavy, so having a comfy sleep bra really contributes to her quality of life. I dont' even care if they wear out sooner than sport bras. I am going back tomorrow to see fi they have any more.

    It sounds like Nichole has a great daycare planned. I know she will be successful - she is as determined as her mom!