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    Yesterday was an interesting day - An 18 yr old girl and I were being taken to the back gate on a gator. When she went to sit in the back of the gator, she lifted herself over the side and proceeded to sit down HARD. We asked if she was o.k. and she said she needed a bandaid. Gater driver T went to find one and I went in the office to ask for anti-biotic ointment for her. We had her walk a few steps to the 1st aide station to have her leg taken care of. I went over and asked her for the season tickets and she looked so out of it. She didn't have energy to pull tickets out of a pocket. So I went back into the office and told them she is not looking well and can I have some season tickets so I can start working the back gate? (no one was out there).

    T took me out to start collecting admissions and someone brought him back out with a money bag soon after. When the girl came out, she told me she also had the wind knocked out of her - that made sense of why she was acting like she did. The nurse was coming in at 1:00 so I made her take her break at that time and be rechecked. She was bleeding through the bandaide.

    One vehicle with a 3 -4 yr old boy came through. I said, "Are you going to the fair?" He replied, "Mom threw two pens out the window and I cried." I love talking to the kids - they are always so excited about the fair and usually don't know what they are coming to see - just that they are coming.

    I get to direct traffic which is fun. One elderly guy said, "You give directions real good." I replied, "And you are good at following directions." to which he laughed. I do try to get them through the fastest lanes but it doesn't always work. One person switched lanes after passing me and ended up taking longer to get in (I am happy to see that happen because it is dangerous to switch lanes). At another time, people started a third lane between the two to get in quicker - also very dangerous so we made sure the lines were closer together so there wasn't room for that. If there are no cars coming and I see it will take extra time, I will go and personally allow someone to switch lanes. I have to watch out for cars coming up trying to pass while I am having someone switch - why can't people just take turns and wait until I let them know which lane to be in? You don't pass anyone unless I have directed you to or there could be an accident.

    It was senior citizens day - everyone 55 and older get in free - I hate asking if someone is old enough. We did have one guy come back to one of the girls and ask for his $3.00 back because she didn't ask if he was over 55 (which he was) and had sold him a ticket. Some people are so offended if you ask if they are old enough even if they are.

    The weather was perfect - enough breeze to keep bugs at bay and keep us cool. I hope today and tomorrow stay the same.

    Be nice to ticket takers - sometimes they have to put up with stupid behavior and people trying to get out of paying. We didn't have any problems yesterday which makes for a fun job.
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    I love the fair. I love the food on a stick. I love petting the animals. I love looking at the art exhibits, watching the people, wandering through the booths...
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    I love the fair, too -- especially the exhibit halls. But we don't usually go 'cuz the difficult child's only want to go on rides and it gets expensive, plus it seems their impulse control goes out the door at those places... too much going on I guess.