Tiapet...what a nice surprise.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Abbey, Apr 30, 2010.

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    What a wonderful piece of mail to get. Your daughter is beautiful! I can't believe she is a difficult child. I wish her well on her ventures. Sometimes real life has a great reality check. She looks very determined. That is a good thing.

    I know I'm going to my daughter's college graduation on the 8th. Six years in college. Geez. Can you make up your mind? Two masters and one bachelor's degree all completely opposite. But, she'll be making more money than me. Go figure.

    Enjoy her graduation.

  2. Tiapet

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    Thank you! Can't say more now. About to make a post so you will know why.
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911


    SHE IS GEORGEOUS!!!! It was the absolute highlight of my day to come home and get your daughters graduation announcement. I swear I'm with Abbey. You look at that angelic and intelligent face and you think......"naaaah her? difficult child? No WAY!."

    So here's to believing in "growing out of everything." She really is a stunner. You can tell her that her Auntie Star said so too. Did you see Mstangs post about registering her son for graduation? Are you going to do the same for her? I think it's a really cool idea.

    AND she's committed to college? What a brain! I'm sure you are so proud of her!

    Thanks again for sharing! I really enjoyed getting the picture and announcement!

  4. Tiapet

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    Thank you star. Ok back to normally scheduled program. Sorry Abbey, didn't mean to be so short but had an MIA middle difficult child and was going to post for guidance on calling cops, again. Last time I was embarrassed because she strolled home from across street behind house as soon as they left! Wasn't going to do that again plus all the questions they had I didn't have answers to (you know our difficult child's, we don't always have answer to what's going on in their heads at any given time). She JUST walked in 5 minutes ago. I sat on it thinking she might but at same time, of course worried. She is 3 weeks away from 13. Star, she's the one I've been telling you the horror stories about!!!

    Star, I'm sooo sorry for what ever kind of day you've had. "hugs" for you my dear. Glad my daughter's picture could bring a highlight to your day! Yes, she is beautiful but she also went and messed it up in a difficult child-way and got "snake bites". 2 lip piercings. She knows she'll have to take them out anyway in the long run but wanted them for sooo long and I made her wait until she was 18. I did let her get her navel pierced at 16 in trade for NOT dyeing her hair BLUE! Blech! I figure that was far less noticeable! LOL She is a rebel but not over the top. She stands her ground in a good way and no one can sway her in her thoughts. She doesn't drink, won't smoke, tried cutting ever so briefly and wised up about 2 years ago and is against drugs and is open minded. She is going into the biochemistry field to work with medications to "hopefully" help find medications that help mental illness and also the neuroscience field as she is fascinated with psychology and the way the mind works. Yes, she is a bit of a brainiac. We knew that at 6 from testing but she was too far into the illness and too immature at the time. As she aged she began to think for herself and help herself out. Yup, I'm doing a bit of mom bragging because I AM very proud of her. VERY proud.

    No, didn't see mstangs post but I'll go look now that things have calmed down here with middle difficult child. Had to wade through the lies of where she said she was, as if. She really thought we'd believe she was riding her bike up and down street out front? Come on??? Are WE that dumb? Nah, it's just how bad her brain does work. I'm afraid placement is just getting closer and closer like I said. I won't be able to stop it anymore.;)