Ticket for paraphenalia


My older son came to see me yesterday. i have a first cousin who is a lawyer. I have found out he is representing son for ticket. Neither of them know I know. I went to pick up my car from his father's house. I put his school stuff in his pitiful looking car. It is full of trash and clothes to where you can't hardly see out the back window. Smells heavily of pot. We have found the ticket on a public website, but the lawyer, I shouldn't know about.So hard to sit back and do nothing. My lawyer cousin has helped both my sons with tickets in the past. Speeding that is. So I don't know if he will learn anything from this either. He is still living in recently deceased father's house with stepmom. She doesn't communicate with me at all. He is free to do what he wants. I told my husband, i wish he would get caught and be made to go to rehab.